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ESPN is a constant gift of incompetence-RedState

When Finally we see In ESPN’s drama Llama Laughing Riot, we let the entire organization occupy a prominent position in the next issue of “Human Resources Completed Really, Really Bad”.Now, it seems that everyone wants to participate in Ridiculous quarrel Between Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor. Claiming their moments in the sun is the National Association of Black Journalists.

NABJ, according to its press release, apparently no member has watched ESPN Screaming title (“The toxic culture of prejudice?” Come on already), broke almost all available squares on the Butthurt Bingo card, in an effort…well, something. anger! disappointing! Contempt! Just like how the press release referred to Nichols as a “white sideline reporter and “jump” host, while Taylor was a “qualified and talented black reporter, analyst and host of the “NBA Countdown”. “Obviously, NABJ firmly believes that belittle one party is a successful formula, and Nichols’ work is based entirely on her naturally curly red hair.

Ah, but it gets better:

Nichols’ comments and subsequent actions last year are not only disappointing, but also demeaning, because black journalists continue to report that white men are promoted on ESPN because of their skin color rather than their merit.

and so This is how Jalen Rose got the show.

The company’s actions may alienate Taylor and cause another black employee to be punished for exposing the matter.

My goodness! ! ! In her year-long grumpy party, Taylor might alienate her for refusing to accept Nichols’ private and public apology? nerve! How dare ESPN punish an employee who grabbed the video from the ESPN server and shared it with Taylor? How dare they!

The following is the money quote:

According to some reports

Those “some” reports that are always 100% accurate.

The last documented issue was in a statement issued by ESPN to Yahoo Sports in July 2020 that did not address the racial insensitivity demonstrated:

Translation: ESPN didn’t immediately fire Nichols for…er, venting.

“We are very disappointed with the leak of the private conversation. This is untenable and violates Rachel’s privacy.

it is. But who cares. She hurt Maria’s emotions!

“As for the essence of the conversation, it does not reflect our decision on NBA staffing and allocation, which is largely driven by the pandemic.”

Or Nichols’ contract, Said she would get ESPN’s performance for Taylor.

The press release continues. NABJ wants to meet with Disney President Bob Eagle. It requires action and change.It’s not that any press release of fashion details speaks of action and change, although there is strong suspicion that it involves providing Taylor with the $8 million that she thinks she deserves when facing ESPN. Ratings drop, income, And how it cuts wages and/or layoffs…well, Whites.

If you want to be wronged, then there is nothing to be wronged. Breach another employee’s contract and give someone you like a job, then watch the person you like pout for twelve months, and then conveniently leak the story to a sympathetic MSM outlet, like People you like make ridiculous salary demands like…no, this is not’racism. This is the absurdity of color neutrality.

Oh yes-Taylor commented publicly, kind of:

Just when you think this can no longer go to high school. But hey, we now realize that providing only $5 million per year is a “dark age”. who knows. Oh, to endure such dark times.

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