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State University Launches “Anti-Racism” Graduate Program-RedState

For those who are interested in “anti-racism”, education awaits.

At the Charlotte campus of the University of North Carolina, state schools offer graduate programs in this subject.

UNC Charlotte Web page Praise it for its “anti-racism graduate certificate.”

This is its description:

The Anti-Racism Graduate Certificate provides a coherent course from four content courses that deal with race and racism in professional or organizational spaces. This certificate caters to individuals interested in advanced degrees, which provide an understanding of urban environmental education, with a focus on race, racism, and anti-racism.

What will the contestants get from it?


The certificate will certify that students have completed coursework, enabling them to become justice-oriented change agents in their work organizations.

The plan is reminiscent of a May Announcement Provided by the University of Central Florida.

UCF launched the “Social Justice in Public Service” postgraduate certificate.

From website:

Students will understand the factors that cause inequality between different groups, with a focus on providing theoretical background and methods to analyze social justice issues in public services. They will understand the principles of social justice because they apply to government and non-profit sectors in areas such as education, health, transportation, and housing policies. …The Graduate Certificate in Social Justice in Public Service is designed to train leaders who can influence policy to create social justice.

At the bottom of the program page, the career opportunities listed include the following:

  • City Councillor
  • City Councillor
  • Congress representative
  • Government professor
  • Legislator
  • Congressman
  • Political Advisor
  • Professor of Political Theory
  • Professor of Public Policy
  • senator

Now, world changers in North Carolina can fight for similar influence.

project outcome,” each UNC:

  • Candidates can use appropriate research and theories to identify and analyze anti-racism movements through historical and cultural background.
  • Candidates can formulate action plans to effectively address racism in local conditions.

The plan is “suitable”, the page states that “applicable to educators in public and private environments, managers in non-profit environments, consultants, religious/spiritual entities, local, regional, and state government employees, and other Topics of interest.”

It will include four courses that provide “an understanding of urban environmental education, with a focus on race, racism, and anti-racism.”


[The curricula] Different focuses and content will be addressed, but the goal of all is to allow students to discover potential social, economic, psychological, and political conditions that disproportionately and unfairly transfer advantages and opportunities to specific ethnic groups, and at the same time Deny others access to these advantages and opportunities.

“Anti-racism” is all the rage.

In Minnesota, Carleton College in Northfield recently Required Faculty and staff participate in anti-racism training courses.

Just like me cover In February, the U.S. Navy added 16 books to its official reading list to address criminal justice, gender politics, and anti-racism issues—including New Jim Crow with Abraham X. Own How to become an anti-racist.

This concept even entered the Junior League:

So is the future racist?Seems to be very Against -.

Enter the first floor.

According to reports Campus reform, You can do it all for a low price of approximately $12,000:

Online courses…The fee for out-of-state students is $12,321, and the fee for residents of North Carolina is $6,256. The courses are: the history and psychology of racism; the development of racial identity; race in education and school education; anti-racist radicalism in education.


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