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Euro 2021: William and Kate join English fans in the Euro 2020 match with Germany


Prince William and Kate Middleton joined the ranks of English fans to cheer for the Three Lions against the German team.

They took thousands of people to attack with all their strength United Kingdom Fans Who landed in the capital-many people sang and waved flags in front Euro 2020 last-16 and Germany.

This Three Lions Preparing for the country’s biggest home game since the European Cup in 1996, with more than 40,000 supporter Go to Wembley to participate in the game, including William and Kate.

On the football field, people saw the royal couple cheering for England with enthusiastic applause.

Prince William and Princess Kate expressed their support for the Three Lions

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The animation duo was in high spirits because they couldn’t look away from the game.

In addition, their son, Prince George, joined the couple and he supported England.

When the Three Lions defeated the Czech Republic 1-0 last week, Prince William supported England.

Around London, everyone is wearing English shirts from the ages to the present.

Along the Olympic Road, “Football Go Home” is everywhere, and the flag of St. George is flying high.

The train and subway stations are very busy. From noon, thousands of fans camp outside the stadium, which is different from Wembley’s relatively mild Group D game.

Fans before England vs. Germany

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Many people waved flags and drank in bars around the capital to keep their morale from being dampened by the rainstorm.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab took a diplomatic move. He shared a photo of him exchanging jerseys with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Many people came to the bars in the capital, and their spirits were soaked in the rain.

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Gareth Southgate’s team hopes to win their second European Championship knockout game in their history, five years after the Icelandic Fish lost 2-1 in the round of 16.

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