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Expanding the tourist green list “not far enough”


The bosses of the Ravel industry are cautious about the expansion of the green list, but warn that it is “not enough.”

Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced that starting Wednesday, some destinations will be added to the travel green list-passengers returning from these destinations do not need to self-quarantine.

These include Malta And some Caribbean destinations such as Spain’s Balearic Islands and Bermuda, Antigua Barbados And Grenada.

But while leaders in the travel and tourism industry welcomed the move, they warned that it was not enough to help the industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Karen Dee, CEO of the Airport Operators Association, said: “Any expansion of the Green List is welcome, regardless of scale, but we must also be realistic: this is not yet the aviation industry’s ability to recover from the pandemic. Meaningful restart.”

Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss added: “This is a constructive step. government It has been recognized that Antigua, Barbados and Grenada can be classified as “green”, allowing family and friends to eventually reunite and spend a much-needed holiday.

“However, today’s announcement is far from enough.”

Mr. Shapus also stated that the government’s intention is “later in the summer” so that fully vaccinated British residents do not have to be isolated when travelling from amber-listed countries.

Ms. Dee said this was a welcome step and urged the government to announce the details of its plan as soon as possible to “save the rest of the summer.”

She added: “Although this is not the vaccine dividend that the British hope for, the government’s intention to exempt fully vaccinated travelers from quarantine is welcome.

“At the same time, the overly cautious approach continues to have a significant financial impact on the airport.”

Mr. Weiss stated that the government needs to lift the quarantine of fully vaccinated passengers returning from amber and green list countries no later than July 19 when the restrictions are relaxed.

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