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The Turkish mafia Pike brings more and more distress to Erdogan

secondThe video of the rogue Sedat Peker has left Turkey in suspense for weeks. They also pay attention to Germany. Because the Turkish underworld boss hiding in Dubai described in his ninth video how Metin Külünk asked for money from his Turkish club in Germany. From 2011 to 2018, Kurenke was a member of the AKP party, the ruling party of the Turkish parliament. For many years, he also served as the governor of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party in the European Union for Turkish Democracy (UETD) affiliated to AKP in Germany.

Pekel, who grew up in Munich, boasted that he funded the AKP rally and their campaign for the 2017 German constitutional referendum. He may think that this is a contribution to the Erdogan system in order to continue unhindered to carry out his dark business. So he didn’t allow Kulenk to ask him twice.

Mafia talks about politicians

Pekel recently said in a video that he shipped cash to Germany “bag by bag”. He did not say the name of the recipient. However, the context shows that Mafia money also flows to the “Ottoman Germania” organization, which was banned in 2018 due to violence, extortion, forced prostitution, and other allegations. This group of violent nationalists has a good relationship with Ankara. The photos of the former deputy head of the Duisburg “Ottoman Germania” Tanal Ai, the Minister of the Interior Suleiman Soilu and the presidential palace proved this on social media.

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The Turks are eagerly looking forward to what they hear on Peker’s YouTube channel at 7:30 a.m. every Sunday. Pekel himself was sentenced to long-term imprisonment. They learned about political assassinations, corruption, cover-up crimes, drug trafficking in the dark environment of the country, and so on. The mafia boss told him frankly which politicians to distribute money to. This creates an image of an oligarchy political system where nepotism and corruption are widespread.

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