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Facebook responds to outcry against the new “extremist” red flag program – RedState

after that Thursday Red State report On this issue, Facebook responded to their strong protest against their new “plan” aimed at combating “hate.”

The social media giant has launched what they call a “test” program, marking content that they think may be “extremist” and posting messages encouraging people to contact organizations for help to leave the “extremist” group.

The link points to a group named Life after hatred This is to help guide people out of “violent extreme right” extremism.

Life after hatred

When Redstate released the original report, Facebook had not yet responded to a request for comment. Since then, a Facebook spokesperson has contacted Redstate and issued a statement explaining their “test” on Thursday.

This test is part of our broader work to assess how to provide resources and support for people who may have been exposed to or exposed to extremist content on Facebook, or who may know who is at risk. We are collaborating with NGOs and academic experts in this field, and hope to share more in the future.

Facebook did not explain why they only have one side of the ideological spectrum on the “hate” banner.

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