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Faye Dunaway starred in Kevin Spacey’s comeback movie

Faye Dunaway will appear in the Italian pedophile drama “The Man Who Paints God”, which features Kevin Spacey In the past four years, after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, he played a small role as part of the latter’s attempt to revive his acting career.

According to the varietyAccording to film producer Luis Nero, Danaville will play an “old friend braille teacher of the blind protagonist”; the latter will be played by the veteran Italian filmmaker Franco Nero, who is also director.Vanessa Redgrave, who is married to the director, is widely reported to star in this movie, but Statement from her agent May denied that she agreed to appear. Variety quoted Louis Nero as saying: “This is the role Vanessa Redgrave should play. Vanessa is no longer suitable for travel.”

Spacey played a small role, as opposed to Franco Nero, who played an artist who was wrongly accused of sexually abusing children. It is reported that the film has been completed and is currently in post-production.

Spacey’s acting experience Suddenly discontinued in 2017 Between 1995 and 2013, when he was working at Old Vic in London, more than 20 men made a series of accusations against the actor for sexual misconduct.

Actor Anthony Rapp claimed that Spacey had sexually assaulted him when he was 14 years old and Spacey was 26 years old. Spacey claimed that he did not remember the encounter, but added: “… is a very inappropriate act of drunkenness.” Spacey denied all other allegations of misconduct.

He was subsequently eliminated by Netflix House of Cards And was replaced by Christopher Plummer in the work of Ridley Scott All the money in the world.

When promoting the film in Cannes, Luis Niro said he was not dissatisfied with the controversy. “We are very interested in buyers from all over the world,” he said. “All the controversy surrounding this film has aroused great interest…From my point of view, it is good for this film.”

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