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First trip after lock-in – Narendra Bhawan

We haven’t really traveled in a while Narendra Bavan In Bikaner, but I got such lovely photos from it that I wanted to share them in one place. NB (Narendra Bhawan) is definitely a gem worth staying in. To be honest, you may not find this kind of hospitality elsewhere. It’s really like you are walking around at home. Of course, it will help if you visit with a group of people. The more I say, the better! Siddhartha Yadav No effort will be spared to ensure that your stay is both comfortable and wild. The cherry above is of course the dog living in the property.

It was fantastic to be able to relax in the swimming pool after almost 6 months, drink beer, music, people and atmosphere. The best lifting of the ban ever.

NB has a very exciting offer that lasts until the end of September. They pay for your accommodation and you only need to pay for meals. click here Get all the details. At the same time, hope you like all the photos we have there 🙂

My first choice when I was there-grilled chicken salad. Yumza!


Of course, one day was dedicated to tanning, but my greedy dog ​​quickly became a tanning day. There is still tan so no complaints 😉

Wine, on a warm night, in Gaushala, with a good partner-what more people might want.

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