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More (almost) real-time stock alerts

More (almost) real-time stock alerts

With the additional volatility these days, I find myself checking my intraday alerts more frequently. They helped me find some of my favorite names (FSLY and TDOC), which rebounded from key levels in intraday trading last Friday. So I have been thinking about making SwingTradeBot generate more alerts. This is the latest batch:

  • Gapped Down (Full)
  • Gap (partial)
  • Gapped Up (Full)
  • Gap (partial)
  • Gap closed
  • Gap Down partially closed
  • Gap closed
  • Gap Up is partially closed
  • Reverse from bottom
  • Reverse from top
  • Down 1 ATR
  • 2 ATR down
  • Down 10%
  • Increase by 1 ATR
  • Increase by 2 ATR
  • Up 10%
  • Lower Bollinger Band Support
  • Upper Bollinger Band Resistance
  • Possible pocket fulcrum

this is Full list of available intraday alerts(Available from the “Research/Intraday Alerts” item in the website navigation menu). You can access all the watch lists and portfolio alerts you have configured on each list through the “My Stock/Intraday Alerts” menu item.

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