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For some Republicans, failure is the key-RedState

As I wrote recently, Republicans have made significant progress in their struggle to prevent critical racial theories from becoming entrenched in public schools. Parents spoke at the school board meeting, local elections have been won, and a state-level bill banning the spread of CRT has been passed.Some prominent people who take this issue seriously are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis And Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The response on the left provides evidence that they followed closely behind.From Claim that CRT was not introduced to the school Fundamentally NEA promotes plans to extend it to thousands of regions, The incoherence of their rebuttal shows that the Republican party’s preemptive attack caught them off guard.

Of course, for a part of the right wing, it is really disgusting and unnecessary to win a major culture war. Therefore, David French colluded with CRT supporters and condemned those who dared to fight back in the New York Times.

The general arguments put forward by these people are ridiculous on the surface. They assume that public schools have obviously been strictly regulated, but they exist as a “market of ideas.” The courses are selected according to their ability to educate students. They are not enriched by unrestricted teaching of wild racist theories such as CRT. Hundreds of different schools of thought are not taught in K-12 education. For example, you cannot teach denying the Holocaust, and no student will receive this kind of tripe education. The same is true for CRT. It exists in the form of racial essentialism and promotes the inherently oppressive concept of certain races. This is pseudo-scientific rubbish.

But my purpose in writing this article is not to disassemble the New York Times article, nor to make another breakdown of the reasons why the CRT is not good. Rather, it is to point out that French (he is one of the many authors of this article) represents a kind of Republican who always wants to surrender. The idea that there is any danger to freedom of speech or thought because CRT is not allowed in school curricula is obviously absurd. However, French made this argument because he needed some way to refute the fact that the Republicans had actually made progress on the major cultural war issue.

There is no better evidence than noticing that French chose to share his views. The New York Times is a far left, trash can of publications. The only reason the Frenchman was invited to participate on his page was because he held the opposite view from most Republicans. In other words, for some right-wing liars, losing is the point. It opened the door to any other conservatives. If you and CRT supporters achieve a common goal, you can publish an article in The Times and continue on MSNBC. You will see that the left-wing billionaire wants to fund your publication.

Returning to the topic of CRT, French’s common rebuttal is to claim that it needs to rely on civil rights laws to prevent any excessive expansion of the CRT. However, the head of the Civil Rights Department of the Ministry of Justice is a CRT supporter and radical racial essentialist. In addition, once something is deeply ingrained in public education, it is basically impossible to remove it. In other words, French is trying to lose, but he did not admit that he is trying to lose. Joe Biden’s DOJ will not protect children who are discriminated against due to CRT, and if you do not use state power to stop it now, you will not be able to stop it.

Once again, failure is the point, because if the Republican Party wins this battle, it is another sign of opposition to the establishment that profited from failure. Fortunately, few people on the right listen to French anymore.

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