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Frankfurt’s autonomous center continues to be controversial

Jörg and Daniel giggled on two beer benches in the courtyard of the former Frankfurt police prison Klapperfeld. They may have told this story many times before, but they still giggled.Ironically, from young liberals, youth organizations Liberal Democratic Party, Once you receive the query, via email. The youth of the party wanted to rent a night in Clapperfield to celebrate the election party there. At that time, they briefly considered whether the request was serious before returning to refuse. Today Daniel can be sure: “At the time, they just wrote to everyone who had a room to celebrate in the city center. They didn’t even know who we were.”

Why the young liberals want to celebrate the party in Clapperfield is strange and easy to explain: The Liberal Democratic Party, the mother party of July, has been at war with the left-wing cultural center in the heart of the Frankfurt Judicial District for many years. Recently, the new Roman Green Party League has almost Social Democratic Party, FDP and Volt failed to discuss how the future city government will deal with the autonomous center and the only inhabited “Au” in Frankfurt. Only a subsequent supplement to the alliance agreement can ensure that the liberal base still agrees to the alliance.

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