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Frankfurt’s climate neutrality: a paradise for cyclists?

DThe large and densely populated leisure garden in the north of Frankfurt is unique in its pastoral scenery. The gate says “For tenant use only”. Behind it, roses are in full bloom, children’s voices can be heard, and the smell of barbecue is permeated in the air. Gardeners have participated in protests for many years.The city planned a new quarter, the so-called Jundeburg Palace, There are 1,500 new apartments, many of which are subsidized, as well as new schools and extensions of parks. Many gardens should give way. The posters on the fence still witnessed the protests. But they are outdated. The project was overturned.

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Ironically, the Frankfurt Green Party, which initiated the project by the former planning department, opposed the construction project. Climate change is changing everything, and some people say this is one reason. In the local elections in mid-March, the Green Party became the most powerful force. They formed an alliance with the Social Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the small Volta Party that will begin work in September.inside Alliance Agreement Some people now say: A new design should be made for Günthersburghöfe and only built on already sealed areas. But they are small. Up to 400 apartments can be built. The supply of apartments in Frankfurt is still in short supply, but one of the few large residential construction projects in the city is no longer considered.

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Not only on this point, the Green Party has the upper hand. In the tentative and subsequent joint negotiations, it is said that they appeared very wide-legged. A joint treaty could not be better.The mockers of the city council say that the Green Party has 24.6% of the vote Local election Achieved, but the contract is 90% of hers. There are countless projects listed on page 224, some of which have far-reaching impacts, mainly in the fields of climate protection and transportation. Even if other topics are formally discussed, such as the economy and housing, everything actually revolves around the climate. If only half is implemented, Frankfurt will soon become a very different city.

Wildflower meadow and insect house

“In the context of the climate crisis, all planning decisions are based on green considerations,” the contract said. By 2035, Frankfurt should be climate neutral.To achieve this goal, the energy supply of public buildings should be opened up as soon as possible Green power For the transformation, urban energy suppliers should completely abandon the use of fossil fuels, must replace some of the old gas lamps that still exist, and should also make “large” investments in renewable energy. The new park should have “wildflower meadows” and “worm houses”. If possible, there should be “mini forests” in every part of the city in the future to improve the “microclimate”. For high-rise buildings, there should also be “green facade obligations”, plus more drinking fountains in parks, trees on streets where there were no trees before, green electricity as standard electricity prices, and so on.

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