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Good and Bad Behavior-RST # 67-Italian Podcast

In thoughts that are not transcribed in this episode, Erica and I talk about politeness and bad manners. Are Italians rude? Do the two of us particularly think we are rude? You’ll know after listening to the plot!
Listen to the tidbits of “Three Characters”, in which I explained the three words used in this episode, take a look Podcast Italian Club.

-We write good education, but very rude
-Good education = polite
– Education = Guidance

Tortuoso = difficult, complicated, intricate / twists and turns, twists and turns
The preparation of this column is always thoughtful, long and tortuous.

recognize = rilevare / observe, discover
When comparing Western, European and Asian cultures, the biggest differences will be found.

cross = Fork
Knife = Knife
Sometimes I always eat pizza with a fork and knife.

Dirty = Dirty yourself
It depends on how dirty you are. In the end, if you touch the bread, theoretically you will not be too dirty.

Hiccup = Hiccup
For example, “hiccup”, which is something they do very freely in other cultures…

Star nutrition = Sneezing
cough = Cough
When we sneeze and cough, we must put our hands in front

speaker = Horn (in the car)
We mentioned honking the horn on the street before, which is what I hate and hate

Send to that country (f ***) = Tell someone the buzzer (f***) is off
I am troubled when people use their horns to send others to that country.

drive = When we drive
On wheels = Back
We Italians desire to be unconstrained while driving, behind the wheel.

Fact = Indisputable facts/facts
In Italy, people never respect all the rules, this is a fact.
This is a fact you can’t deny

pedestrian = Pedestrian
In my opinion, one of the most uncivilized things is to prevent pedestrians from crossing (pedestrian) intersections.

Skewed = Sideways
They get in the way, (so) you can’t pass

arrow = Turn signal (here, otherwise “arrow”)
Italians don’t usually shoot arrows in certain situations

Pollution = Pollution
They say that there is less car pollution (there is a roundabout)
I think the turn is not right, polluting the air… I think it is Pollution acoustics

Antica = Old fashioned
It depends on the person’s mentality, if someone is more Antica opure o no

condominio = apartment building

Outrageous = Cruel/horrible
How could he commit such a heinous crime?

Make fixed = Look without moving/leave (here)
I feel guilty about this, I often stare at people.

Original = Eavesdropping
It’s like you didn’t notice the fact that you were eavesdropping!

Know yourself = identificarsi in qualcun / put yourself in consideration for someone, identify with someone
Well, I also like to listen to other people’s stories and empathize.

hide = Hide/hide, hide (but a better style)
Thank you for the compliment, it hides the criticism.

Throwing fuel on the fire = pour oil on the flame
You are on the fire

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