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Greenworks 24V 12 inch string trimmer/trimming machine reviews

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Review – A reliable thread trimmer is an indispensable tool for yard work. However, the gas model is very loud and generates toxic fumes, making wired electric devices inconvenient. The Greenworks 24V 12-inch cord trimmer with trimmer mode is a lightweight and feature-rich battery-powered tool. I have one to review. Please read on to find out what I think!

What is it?

Greenworks 24V 12-inch cord trimmer with trimmer mode is a battery-powered cord trimmer, suitable for yard work. In the United States, string trimmers are also called weeders, weedwackers, or wire trimmers. The handle side of the device has a small battery charged by an AC adapter, and the cutting side has a small electric motor connected to a monofilament wire. The motor housing can be tilted for easier operation on steep hillsides or embankments. The motor housing can also be rotated 90 degrees to convert the wire trimmer to an electric trimmer. Vertical trimmers can be used to create a clear boundary between the lawn and another surface. The chip guard of the trimmer has an attached wheel that makes it easier to guide the trimmer along the ground to form a boundary with the area paved, concrete, or asphalt.

What’s in the box?

  • Thread cutter (disassembled)
  • Battery
  • charger
  • Spare spool and spool cover
  • Description and warranty

Hardware specifications

  • Motor: 24V with brush
  • No-load speed: 8000 rpm
  • Diameter of cutting line: 0.065″
  • Diameter of cutting path: 12″
  • Feed type: automatic feed
  • Weight (without batteries): 5.9 pounds
  • Battery weight: 1 lb
  • Storage and operating temperature: 32°F – 113°F
  • Charging temperature: 32°F-104°F

Design and features


The Greenworks 24V 12-inch string trimmer with trimmer mode is packed in an ordinary cardboard box. The components are loosely packed in boxes.


The Greenworks 24V 12-inch string trimmer with trimmer mode must be assembled before use. A screwdriver is required to install the trimmer shield, but a more important item is needed before use: safety glasses. The string trimmer, even with a plastic shield, can discard sharp debris at high speed. These fragments may be ejected from nearby objects into the face of the operator.

Assembling the trimmer is relatively easy. The steps involved include connecting the protective cover, assembling the shaft and connecting the auxiliary handle. The protective cover is fixed by three Philips head screws. The trimmer rail is a steel ring that indicates the approximate full length of the wire and is installed in the channel above the protective cover.

The shaft is pre-connected from the handle and battery at one end to the motor at the other end. The shaft is made of aluminum and its length is adjustable. When using the trimmer, the height of the handle is adjusted from the cutting height to about 25 inches to 32 inches. When using the trimmer, the height of the handle is adjusted from the height of the guide wheel to about 28 inches to 36 inches. The auxiliary handle is installed on the top of the adjustable shaft. This position can be adjusted along the entire length of the shaft and is screwed onto the shaft by the handle on the right side of the top handle.

The manual does not clearly indicate that the protective paper should be removed from the thread cutter, but this step should be done to prevent the thread from being cut too long.

Each time the machine is started, the spool will release approximately 0.4 inches of thread. At first, I thought this might be too much thread at one time, but based on the length of the thread I observed when using the trimmer, this should be correct. Several times I needed to advance the production line before starting the next trimming. This is achieved by starting the trimmer and then stopping it. The length of the cutting line is controlled by a centrifugal clutch, which engages when the head rotates relatively slowly. You can see the clutch button at the bottom of the rotating head.

In the picture below, you can see that the clutch button is released when the head rotates slowly, but as the head accelerates, the clutch button sinks and prevents the spool from moving further. A click will be heard every time this happens.

The trimmer comes with a spare spool and a spool cover. Each spool is equipped with 14’6″ filament. Through mathematical calculations, this corresponds to 420 starts of the trimmer. According to my purpose, when I trim walkways, dog pens, trees, sidewalks, and beds around the house, I It may start about 40 times a week. Even if I need to change the spool every ten weeks, it doesn’t seem to be too troublesome. By inserting about an inch of filament into the center of the spindle, and then follow the instructions of “Rewind→” Winding in the direction of, the filament can be replaced on the spindle.

One inch of filament is clamped in the channel shown in the figure below.

I hope a more powerful design issue is that the tool is not affected by rain or water. The instructions require brushing off the ventilation holes of the motor and cleaning the device with a neutral detergent. I hope I can clean the tool with a garden hose.

The battery on the device I received for evaluation is only designed to power the tool, but the battery on the device sold by Amazon also has a USB port that can use a 2Ah battery as a high-capacity USB charger. The battery has a 3 LED fuel gauge. The meter cannot be accessed or viewed after the battery is installed, but it is very easy to install and remove the battery. Additional batteries can be purchased at a price of US$40 to US$50.


The operation is very simple, as easy to use as a typical string trimmer. If you are used to a unit that needs to hit your head to get into the line, then this unit is a bit different.

Every time the unit starts, the production line automatically advances. To make the line advance significantly, start the device immediately, wait for it to stop, and repeat until the desired line length is reached.

The length of the shaft can be adjusted by the cam lever, so it can be changed without additional tools.

With the push of a button, you can easily change the rotation of the head and the angle of the head used for trimming.


The working principle of the string trimmer is similar to the pneumatic trimmer I used in the past. The difference is that it is lighter, quieter, cheaper to operate, and does not produce harmful exhaust gas. As with other trimmers, it is better if you use the tip of the unit for cutting, and cut from right to left so that the trimmer cuts into the guard.

This video Show that the trimmer is working around the tree.

The edging machine is also very easy to use. It is easier for me to use the edging machine with bare hands than relying on wheels, but the performance is very good.

what do I like

What will i change

  • charging indicator
  • Can be cleaned with water spray

Final thoughts

The Greenworks 24V 12-inch string trimmer with edging mode may make some novices wonder if it is strong enough or lasts long enough for their yard. Although I cannot recommend this to commercial gardeners (the device is not guaranteed for commercial use), I believe many readers will be very satisfied with the performance of the Greenworks 24V 12-inch string trimmer and its battery-powered quiet, pollution-free operation motor.

Price: USD 69.99
Where to buy: Green factory with AmazonPlease note that the Greenenworks store only sells this model bundled with the leaf blower.
source: The sample of this product is made by Green factory.

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