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Heat pumps: what they mean to your home and your wallet


Residents of K are facing changes in the way we heat their houses in response to climate change. Here are some answers to key questions about one of the main technologies that we can use to replace gas boilers.

The air source heat pump looks like an air conditioning unit outside a building. It works like the reverse operation of a refrigerator, using electricity to extract energy from the outside air to provide heating and hot water for the home.

There are also heat pumps that draw energy from the ground or water.

Because they extract heat from the environment—even when outdoor temperatures are low—they generate about three times the energy they use, making them more efficient than gas boilers.

Electricity in the UK is increasingly powered by low-carbon energy sources such as wind, which makes heat pumps a clean alternative to combustion gases, and they also reduce local air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide emitted by boilers.

Dual heat pumps (Octopus Energy/PA) for heating large homes

Although the costs vary, the average cost of installing a new system is approximately £10,000.

It is still a niche industry, and costs are expected to fall as the technology becomes more mainstream. Octopus Energy said it expects to cut costs by nearly half within 18 months.

An alliance of companies, green groups and anti-poverty campaigners called for advance payments similar to electric cars to cover the full cost of heat pumps for low-income households and reduce them to the same cost as a new boiler. For other households, Promote promotion.

Another option may be a financing option, where your heat pump and energy are provided by the supplier, and you pay monthly instalments to reflect this-rather than upfront costs.

– How do they operate differently?

The main difference is that when you feel cold and start the boiler, you cannot immediately get the power that gas can get.

This is because the heat pump heats the water in the radiator to a lower temperature than the gas boiler, so it heats the house more slowly.

But with a heat pump, the system will find the most effective way to keep the house at the temperature you want and continue working.

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