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Johnson regained his freedom when he told the public to “learn to live with Covid-19”


he Prime Minister Expected to tell people United Kingdom As he prepares to regain his freedom on July 19, managing the coronavirus risk will be left to them “judgment.”

Boris Johnson Will result in Downing Street At a press conference on Monday, he will tell the public that the country must “start learning to coexist with this virus”, which is the clearest sign so far that he is preparing to lift a series of restrictions on daily life.

Mr. Johnson will introduce to the country the future of the one-meter or more rule, the use of face masks and the guidance of working from home. Many reports indicate that these rules will be cancelled.

Some people suggest that starting from the so-called “Freedom Day” on July 19, wearing masks will become voluntary, and social distancing between bars and bars will end-at the same time you need to use QR codes to check in-which means restarting Drink at the bar without table service.

According to reports, according to the road map’s proposal to lift the blockade at the final stage, large-scale events including festivals will also be allowed.

At the same time as the press conference, the Minister of Health Sajid Javid A speech will be delivered in the House of Commons on Monday to update any changes in members of Congress.

The Prime Minister is expected to say on Monday: “Due to the successful launch of our vaccination plan, we are cautiously adopting the road map.

“Today, we will explain how to restore people’s freedom when we reach step 4.

“But I must emphasize that the pandemic is not over and the number of cases will continue to increase in the coming weeks.

“When we start to learn to coexist with this virus, we must all continue to carefully manage the risks posed by Covid and make judgments in our lives.”

Downing Street confirmed that at the same time as the press conference, the government will announce the results of its future review of the use of so-called vaccine passports and social distancing guidance.

It is expected that wearing masks in public after July 19 will no longer have legal effect / Amplifier line

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