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High vaccination protection even if the vaccination doses are far apart

DAccording to a recent study, the protection of AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 is not affected by the long interval between the first and second doses.researcher Oxford university It can be seen from the published results that, in some cases, the interval between two vaccine doses is as long as 45 weeks, which is the same as the standard shorter interval, which can prove that the immune response is equally strong, or even better. The research has not been peer reviewed.

According to a statement, immunologist Andrew Pollard said: “This is comforting news for low-dose countries that are concerned about the delay in the second vaccination of the population.” “Even in the first time. Ten months after the administration, there was also a very good immune response.”

The researchers also studied the effects of the third dose AstraZenecaAdminister at least six months after the second vaccination protection. A significantly stronger immune response was found, and it is said that the protection of the variants currently in circulation is better. In countries with high vaccination rates, such as the United Kingdom, discussions are already under way to increase vaccination in the fall.

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