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Hiring remote employees can be painful-this is why we are now recruiting remotely*

Nearly a year ago, today, in June 2020, our team decided to build products and find a sustainable revenue model as the main focus Explosives work.

Although we have been offering small products on the website for a long time, it is more or less buzzing in the background.Our argument from the beginning was simple: let’s post great work from our website member, And observe the candidate traffic.

And plunge into it!

Thanks to more than 100 unique jobs from remote priority companies, we have seen an increase in traffic and subscribers, which is another website we have never built.

But traffic is not always equal to revenue. In our example, we spent a lot of money but didn’t make much.

So we continue Hiring a CTO, And then started to work, throwing the well-known entrepreneurial spaghetti on the wall.

We are making progress. Sometimes, when you are in an intermediate state, it is difficult to know exactly how many.

Today, when I was writing another job advertisement for our own team (Jr. Recruiter), I decided to review our achievements in the past 12 months.

Here are some highlights:

I would love to share the stories of these exciting moments on the blog — and more — but when things are moving rapidly in the first year of a startup, days, weeks, and weekends can all come together. Put it this way-no matter what happens to the DJ-I will provide a lot of material for the next book!

In the meantime, we continue to be able to publish podcast Once a week, returning to Host live events for our DC members, And do our best to share DJ news and learning there.

One thing I have always been confused about is that it is difficult for myself and other founders to explain what they do. Especially when you are in it, moving fast and you are doing relatively complex and dynamic services.This is part of the reason why I am so excited about us Service catalogThis year, we hope to work hard to make it easier for upstart entrepreneurs and established institutions to quickly build and test new services.

In my opinion, in the early days of a business, creating legibility is an important part of the job. Building products. Write specifications. Record customer calls. Write a memo. Wait…Unfortunately, this is the same energy for blog readers. I hope that in the next few years, we will achieve a greater degree of product market fit, and I can go back and reflect on more.

At the same time, I think I will share a written attempt to describe our recruitment service-a service for you for remote priority companies that want to save recruitment time.

Of course, you can always find insider inside us, and 1,000 people are writing and participating in it (the live event is back!) membership.

The following description is inspired by a conversation with my friend Noah Kagan, And temporarily sit on our sales page for remote recruitment.Please note that if you read this article in the future, our terms may change drastically, so please check click View the latest information.

* **

Hiring remote employees can be painful-this is why we are now recruiting remotely*

Many of us Recruiting customers Have seen us in person or heard us on our podcasts, but for many who have not seen us, it is worth taking the time to describe our services in more detail.

Recently, while talking with a friend who was coordinating a search for executives of a large company, it suddenly occurred to me that the word “recruitment” can have many meanings in many different contexts. If you are familiar with the recruitment industry, then you may encounter some of the same questions my friends asked me.

So let me use their questions to clarify our process and how it is of value to you.

After describing to me the nature of his search, he said:

Do you guys also do recruitment*?

Yes, not at all. Not the kind of recruitment method. Executive recruitment requires you to contact (mainly) executives who already have jobs and sell them the opportunity to join the new team. This process usually takes several months and the commission involved is high. Given that we have a senior recruiter (that is, someone with extensive experience in executive recruitment), we can do this kind of recruitment, but we will definitely charge more than $4650.

But you call it recruitment? I thought you were hiring.

Well, we have always called it “remote recruitment”. Since the talent pool of the first remote company is global, we have a large number of candidates in DJ, and a mile-long database of niche communities, work committees, and personal contacts specific to skills, locations, and salary levels. We ‘Able to organize marketing activities on behalf of our customers, and these activities do not require some “poaching” elements required by executive search.

So looking at it this way, we basically did everything that traditional recruiters would do, minus the corner digging part. I often say on our strategy conference calls, “If the right people are there looking for your opportunities, we will find them.”

Then your customers pay you when you hire?

They pay us 50% first and 50% when hired. Traditional recruiters charge a certain percentage of the first year’s salary, so they will eventually be incentivized to change candidates they like, and our pricing structure keeps us in line with the organization we want to grow.

But isn’t this just for them to post on the job board? Who will pay for it? Why doesn’t HR do it directly?

Most companies with less than 100 employees do not have dedicated human resources personnel. They are proficient in a variety of salaries, nationalities, skill combinations, etc., and truly international (or even just a specific time zone) remote search can be undertaken.

Even if they do, the tasks of evaluating, interviewing, and screening candidates usually have to fall on the shoulders of senior team members who understand the relevant skill set and are very concerned about entering the company.

You will often encounter situations where some of the most efficient team members spend several full weeks each year collecting and screening applications, and finally talking to a few candidates who will never work in the company.

Why they do this makes sense.

They must work with this person every day. But for most companies, this is improper use of resources. However, due to the lack of high-quality alternatives, these talents had to misallocate resources to the time-consuming recruitment process.

Our approach can help your most critical team members focus on the most important projects, and we will bring them high-quality candidates who are ready to contribute.

Yes, this really bothers me. My team spends a lot of time talking with people who will never work with us.

To make matters worse, they are often not particularly good at it-this is not their focus or expertise. We have a complete team in this area. Our senior recruiters will help our clients place 100 team members this year. We begin to recognize patterns. Understand the real situation that candidates may not admit to employers, and do repetitive and delicate work to sell your company’s vision to candidate after candidate, while keeping our expert testers healthy.

What roles have you played recently?

In the last few weeks, we have filled in:

Some clients do have human resources?

They even started to use our service. There are many things in managing human resources that have nothing to do with the execution of a compelling job search.

Will my friend really ask me such a question?

Strangely, yes. I am grateful that there are many smart entrepreneurs who can spend time with them every day.

So this is the end of the question. Let me summarize.

This is the process of our TL;DR essential form:

  • We help you accurately define your needs for the next team member. This includes specific details such as salary, skills, temperament, etc. We did this on a 30-minute strategy conference call.
  • Then, we organize marketing activities on behalf of your work.
  • We screen and evaluate the best candidates. Then senior recruiters conduct pre-interviews with them. He knows you and what you want to accomplish.
  • You can only get the best candidates, who are actively looking for jobs in your company.

That’s it.

You give, you grow, and then we do it again.

By saving the time of founders and your top team members, we believe that our services can not only save money for our clients, but will ultimately allow them to get better results if they do it in-house.

That’s it for the time being. If you have more questions about the service, I can add them to this article.e-mail [email protected]


Founder of Dynamite Jobs

PS, here are some other frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How long will it take to find and hire my next team member?

Usually within 3 to 5 weeks, although your working parameters will have a big impact on this. We can usually give you a basic understanding of the “difficulty” of the project during your strategic conference call.

What types of positions can you recruit for me?

From experienced web developers, executives to junior marketers, we can help you take on any key remote position. We have extensive experience in multiple industries, which will help us find the best candidate for you.

What is the cost of Dynamite recruitment?

Our standard fee is US$4,650, and we only need to deposit US$2,325 to start. Unlike most recruitment companies, we will withdraw a portion of your deposit and carry out external marketing activities on your behalf. Because we do not charge a certain percentage of wages, we are able to remain objective in our compensation strategy.

Can you find it [x] Location at [y] Country is [z] Salary range?

probably! 🙂 These conversations have some complexity, which is why all new clients talk to a senior recruiter who has experience in online business and recruitment.

What do you need me to do before we start?

Our 30-minute strategy meeting is designed to accurately clarify the position you currently need and the complexity of searching based on your parameters (we have done this nearly 400 times, so the candidate’s model, skills, salary, position, etc. jump Quite fast). Usually we will ask for a simple job description (if you need, we can help you develop it) and a deposit, and then we will complete all the heavy work.

Do companies with internal human resources employees use DJs?

Most of our clients do not have full-time HR staff in-house, but as the progressive HR team sees that using our team’s experience (we handle 100 jobs per year) is a smart way to save them, this situation is changing time.

Is your service suitable for junior positions?

Yes it is! Recruitment has traditionally been considered a high-value position, probably because of its high cost. Our fixed fee changes this and helps you and your team save time, money, and ultimately hire higher quality junior team members.

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