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How SwingTradeBot helped me make great trades

How SwingTradeBot helped me through a good trading week

I have some very good deals this week and I want to discuss them.I Tweeted about the first one half-jokingly, Attribute it to stupid luck.Although there must be some Involving luck, I remembered The old saying about luck:

Luck is what happens when you are ready to encounter an opportunity…

Lucky people will produce their own good luck Adopt four basic principles.They are good at creating and Notice the opportunity, Make a lucky decision by listening to their instincts, Create self-fulfilling prophecies through positive expectations, And adopt a gritty attitude to turn bad luck into good luck.

I think this is true for both transactions.

The first is FMI. I purchased FMI on June 11th After it made one of my favorite settings on the previous trading day (day 8)—— Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 bullish. This is what the chart looked like on the 8th:

I have written in my blog and in my notes why I like these types of settings a million times. Clear and strong uptrend (completion of Bollinger away), short-term correction. The relatively small candlestick on the 8th gave me a clear entry and exit (stop loss) point.and so I placed an order Buy above 99 and stop loss below 93.70. My initial profit target was the high of 108.65 on June 5th-so it was a risk-reward ratio of approximately 2 to 1.

As you can see in the chart below, it has been going higher for the next few trading days. It almost reached my initial profit target…

But then on the morning of the 19th, FMI was acquired at a 28% premium. This is of course lucky for me, but at the same time, I know this stock has this potential because, as usual, before buying, I investigated the reasons for its recent strong upward trend. I saw some good news from a healthcare/biotech company recently. I know from experience that such companies are often acquired. Although I don’t expect this to happen, I know it is a possibility.

That transaction gave me a handsome profit of $5,600, which is about 5.6 times my initial risk (5.6R).

The second transaction occurred today, with AVLR.It started when a friend of mine sent me the following text message (At 10:18) Regarding Wayfair (W), it is selling vigorously:

I checked several other e-commerce stocks, and these stocks have also come under fire. Then I want to know who can benefit from the Supreme Court ruling…

This makes me think Recently, an IPO has played a role in e-commerce tax reporting. I mentioned many times on the website I like trading IPOs. This is part of my day conventional See which companies have IPOs and track their movements. I also have a watch list specifically for IPOs, I review it every day.and so I know some IPOs, especially Software as a service Those are very hot recently. So all this (ready) Lead me (at 10:25):

After some quick research, I found the stock, AVLR. I checked its intraday chart and found that it has actually been sold off and started to rebound. I bought at 10:28 at $42.99-my initial stop loss was at the low of the day ($40.63). This is the intraday chart (5-minute bar/candle chart):

More of our conversations:

By 10:39 AM (11 minutes after purchase), I had risen by 3.6R (~3,600 USD).

11:12, sitting Approximately 6R (US$6,000) of unrealized gains, I decided to sell half of the shares to lock in some profits. I sold these stocks for $57.52

I still keep the other half of the original position.

So this for me is A good example of why I built SwingTradeBot (for myself). My routine (I have established a reason Routine function And put a link Recent IPO page As a default routine item for every user of the website. ) Let me know the location of the action (SaaS/cloud stocks and IPO) in time, and enable me to understand and track recent IPOs.When I can’t remember which recent IPO I thought might have benefited from the Supreme Court’s ruling, I just went Recent IPO page I found it in less than a minute.

My usage SwingTradeBot undoubtedly helped me create some “luck” by helping me prepare and understand the situation.

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