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Italy and Sports (with Erika)-Thoughts without Transcription # 34-Italian Podcast

Hi guys, it’s another interesting episode, great 🙂 Your podcast is now my favorite podcast, it’s really useful for people like me who want to maintain and improve their knowledge of Italian . The latter is easier said than done. It requires a subtle theme, structure, attitude and other formulas. You got it right. I especially like the very relaxed way of talking between your two obviously supportive friends. In the conversation, your story is very cute and sometimes intimate, like spending an evening with friends…very enjoyable 🙂 Davide, when you ask questions or suggestions for podcasts, I often think of something Thing, but I usually work, and then I forget what it is… I think this will happen to other listeners too! But that being said; what would it feel like to discuss the “Tinder” phenomenon?Maybe you can start with backgrounds such as the terrible birth rate in Italy and the advanced age of new parents, and then explore “modern dating” and how this app has changed everything in this generation… Sorry, I was wrong and Tinder was there and Not so popular, but in England it must be… and it also gave birth to content such as “First Date” TV shows
Congratulations again and thank you for all your efforts, thank you very much!
PS sorry for the error 🙂

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