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How the government encourages citizens to report tax evaders

DHe recently activated the report portal of the anonymous tax report of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and included it in the campaign: critics used slogans such as “Tax Stasi” to prove to some people that they had forgotten history, but at the same time , They feel uncomfortable with whistleblowers of private hobbies. However, the German Ministry of Finance has long used anonymous advertisements; however, so far, they have been received by email, letter or phone.

What has completely disappeared in the debate so far: Other governments are also struggling to win over their fellow citizens to help expose tax evasion—even offering bonuses for this. The United States is the country with the most traditions of whistleblowers. informer It exposed secret surveillance programs, official lies about the Vietnam War, and forged accounts.

Former UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld (Bradley Birkenfeld) exposed the tax tactics of UBS, the Swiss bank, and this incident is very eye-catching. For his contribution, Birkenfeld received 104 million U.S. dollars from the U.S. Treasury Department, which is about a quarter of the amount UBS must pay. In any case, Birkenfeld had to go to jail. The case revealed two characteristics: The whistleblower plan of the US Treasury Department only accepts reports from persons who are not named. You can get rewards ranging from 15% to 30%. This is information collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a federal agency under the Department of the Treasury. There should be several thresholds to prevent rough condemnation from investigators.

Advertising and payment are subject to conditions

The declared taxpayer’s annual income must be at least US$200,000, and the expected owed amount, including fines and interest, must exceed US$2 million. In addition, rewards are only paid after the tax case is over. This will take six to ten years. Last year, due to whistleblowers across the country, the tax authorities brought in approximately US$472 million. He paid nearly US$87 million to 169 whistleblowers, an average of US$514,000 per capita. In the whistleblowing plan implemented in 2007, the tax authorities have raised a total of 61.5 billion U.S. dollars and allocated 1 billion U.S. dollars.

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France also avoids providing anonymous information. The tax authorities don’t take it seriously. However, anyone who answers in his name can help reveal information about major international tax violations can get financial recognition of up to 1 million euros. In 2017, the government introduced this as an “experiment” and expanded it in 2019. The 2017 budget was 2.7 million euros-much lower than the United States.

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