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How to catch a loose dog

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You will think that a dog has no sense of humor until your dog slips on her leash when you go for a walk.

When you panic and look for a car, you will see a very funny dog ​​dancing around and daring to chase her.

In most instances, The worst thing you can do is chase your dog. Then it became a stupid game. Most dogs, even well-trained dogs, will run around happily when they realize that they are being chased.

How to catch a loose dog

First, if there is a way between you and your dog, check for oncoming traffic. Try to walk to the same side of the road, but don’t walk directly towards your dog. Don’t run, don’t panic or get hit by a car.

When you are on the same side of the road or there is no immediate danger, you can start calling your dog. If you have any snacks, snacks, or anything edible, hold it when you call your dog.This is a situation Bribery is absolutely acceptable.

If you don’t have food, Try to rustle, Receipts, or other things that can make your dog feel that you have received the goods.

Try to jump from side to side and imitate the jumping and prancing movements of a naughty dog.Through these actions you can Encourage your dog to play a chase game you.

Most importantly, you will be able to convince your dog that you are not afraid/angry/anxious, or anything other than your usual interesting self.

You can also try Squatting on the ground. Going low will make you look more approachable and interesting to your dog, especially when they are scared.

Practice better memories

I hope you haven’t read this article when your dog is at large, but if you are, good luck!

When you are Is not Chasing your dog, you can exercise her recall skills to help ensure that she can understand when she relaxes next time.

Always practice memory in a safe, fenced area (such as a backyard or dog park).Or, try an open space with your dog Long queue (check price on Amazon).

When your dog comes to you as often as possible, give him a high-value treat. At least 90% of the time is filming.

High-value treats are usually meaty and smelly, such as a piece of luncheon meat, freeze-dried liver, cheese or something they like very much. Dry milk bones and coarsely ground foods are considered low-value snacks. What will your dog sell her soul for? Tricky trainer It was a big blow to Matilda and Cow.

Avoid giving your dog a chance to chase prey. When she was chasing a squirrel, it was difficult to recall a dog. You can practice this skill while your dog is under control, Long line.

I have and like the long queue of my dogs. They are just a very long leash, mine is 30 feet long, giving my dog ​​enough room to run around my apartment, beach, football field, and any open space. For less than $10, you can stop your dog from trying to rush to the road next time.

When you catch your stray dog

When you finally catch your dog, whether they come back to you or you have to find him, don’t let her know how frustrated, stressed, embarrassed, or all of this you are. It should always be a good idea to come back to you.

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