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“I haven’t written a non-fiction book”

A kindnnalena Baerbock rejected the plagiarism charge against her. When talking to a reporter from Brigitte magazine in Berlin on Thursday night, she said: “I haven’t written non-fiction books or anything, but I want to do something about this country-on the other hand, I have described the use of facts. And reality to understand the world”. You have made it clear that there is no copyright infringement in this book. You wrote this book to explain “who I am and what drives me,” Balbok said.

Heike Schmol

Political journalist in Berlin, responsible for “Bildungswelten”.

The Green Party firmly opposes allegations of plagiarism against its prime minister candidate. Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner announced the party line in Berlin on Tuesday. He wrote on Twitter: “Total solidarity with Annalena”. Hannah Neumann of the Ministry of Environmental Protection then described the allegations against the book published by Ullstein Verlag as “a dirty movement against Baerbock”, and Jürgen Trittin talked about the “dirty movement” reported by Bild. Reinhard Bütikofer, EU member of Parliament and former party chairman, spoke more sharply when talking about the “right-wing propaganda war” against Belbok. At the headquarters of the Berlin Green Party, people have also seen a similar situation. With the support of certain newspapers and magazines, some people on social networks talked about the new “quality” of election campaigns.

Chancellor of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kreischmann FAZ said on Thursday that if core issues such as economic transformation caused by climate change, digitalization, or social cohesion after a pandemic are not the focus of controversy in the three months before the federal election, it will “distance” him. Baerbock has the skills and integrity to become a principal. Ludwig Hartmann, leader of the Green Party of the Bavarian State Parliament, told FAZ: “For me, the permanent attack on Annalena Baerbock is the most important thing: for our children and grandchildren to live a good life, our The panic transfer strategy of the green concept.”

Felix Banaszak, also the state chairman of the North Rhine-Westphalia Green Party, will be next because of a good list Bundestag It may belong to, speaking of “excessive movement”: “But if we argue more about a few paragraphs in the book than the urgency of the climate crisis and its social consequences, it is unrealistic.” The attacks in the past few days are reminiscent of The “extreme polarization” of the US election campaign. But the Green Party has also contributed to this: Oliver Christcher, the deputy leader of the Green Party in the Bundestag, accused the North Rhine-Westphalia government of hesitant climate policy to endanger Canadian lives. The country is currently suffering from extreme temperatures.

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