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Illegal Parker-Intermediate #18-Italian Podcast

Parking in large Italian cities is always a problem: parking spaces are never enough, many are paid, and it is difficult to find free parking spaces. Finding a parking space, perhaps in traffic, or when we are late, is often a stressful operation. It seems all this is not enough (the most important is), Many times you have to worry about illegal parking.
Who is an illegal parking attendant, day (Here: you ask?)? They are gods subject (personal), Usually men, they are illegal They use parking as their source of income (Income from parking lot).
These people “work”, Just say (you can say so), In a very busy parking lot, close to very busy places, such as the city center, stadium, hospital.almost Supervision” (Watch) A specific parking area and indicate free space, to driver (driver) Indicates an empty parking space.
In short, their job is to help drivers find parking spaces faster.
After that, they asked for a remuneration” (remuneration) To help if (= give, provide), Usually a few coins.
Those who park their car in the place indicated to them by the valet will feel that the unwritten law is obliged to give them money.And this Not very grateful to him (Not very grateful to him) Help, because parking attendants often point out places that are obvious even without their intervention. According to unwritten laws, or rather, blackmail (blackmail) Unwritten, meaning not to pay was in danger (was in danger) Your car: Once you leave, the car is still there In the clutch (In the clutch, under control) Valet, if he is angry because he did not receive the requested money, he can Damage it (damage) For revenge.
So, many times, Just to park (Just for parking) In order not to risk damaging your car, you can give the valet some coins: it is better to give him 50 cents than to have to pay hundreds of euros to repair the car.
Although this practice is illegal, it is very common.
For example, in Turin, there is a parking attendant who is now a personality who has worked in the same square for more than 20 years. Everyone knew him, some even left him the car keys, Blindly believe his (Blindly believe him). Even La Stampa, the most popular newspaper in Italy, wrote an article for him.Obviously the police knew of his existence and even fined him, but he continued Unhindered (= Fearless) His activities. Fortunately, however, he will not blackmail people and does guard the car.
But apart from the sympathy that a role like him can arouse, the activity of a parking attendant is still an activity abuse (=illegal), Therefore it is not required by law. These people try to make money through blackmail, and obviously they don’t tax the money.
It is very frustrating to have to pay someone for a service that is actually useless, just because of fear Suffer his revenge (Face, endure his revenge). If you have to park in Italy and see someone gesturing to you Sweeping gesture (Sweeping gesture) Where to go, try to avoid it: it might be a valet.If you don’t pay, you risk not finding the car Striped (Scratch) Or damaged, payment of fees will fund illegal activities.
In these situations, the best way is to find another parking spot with a little patience and a little luck, without seeing the parking attendant and without risk.
Are there illegal parking lots in your country? Do you think this kind of activity will be punished, or in short, it will not harm anyone because it involves a small amount of money? Let us know your opinion!

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