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The Matter of Life and Death-Intermediate #19-Italian Podcast

To read the translations of words and phrases in this episode, hover your mouse over the green words.
To view the translation of words and phrases, hover your mouse over the green word.

Hi everyone and welcome to the Italian Podcast!
My name is Davide, and in this mid-level episode-written by Erika but read by me-I will tell you two Italian customs, one related to life (or birth) and the other related to death. On, you will, as always, find the transcript of the episode, which contains translations of the most difficult English words. let’s start!

The birth of a child always brings great joy and happiness.You know, when you are happy, you want to share your own mood Be with as many people as possible.And precisely for Let everyone participate in joyful activities Just like the birth of a son who exists in Italy Birth ribbon. Birth nail is a kind of fabric nail, it is a kind of Cap badge What you use hang up Announce the birth of the child at the door or front door.The bow is traditionally pink if it is the birth of a person Sissy, Blue if it is little boyIn addition, small sentences such as “birth x” and “welcome x” are usually written on the bow to indicate the name of the newborn. However, the tradition of hanging this bow did not originate from Italy, and it does not even seem to originate from the West. It is believed to be derived from Eastern customs and related to superstition.According to this custom, when a boy is born, it is considered more important and Worth protecting, A amulet, The bow actually has the function of protecting children. The tradition of birth bows was later introduced to the West, and today it is not only very common in Italy, but also in several other countries.

Birth staple food

other custom Italian that often surprises foreigners who do not know that it is the opposite of birth: death.It’s easy to walk in any Italian city Stumbled upon In the sheets, attached to the wall or bulletin board, Where you can read the date of birth and death of an individual and the date of the funeral deceased Lived in that city recently.These sheets, the photos of them deceased, They are called “Funeral Poster” And serve, a bit like a birth film, conveying an event, in this case, the death of a person SiblingsIn this way, people who read the poster are also informed of the date and time of the funeral so that they can attend Give comfort To family members.There are often sentences written on funeral posters, either by relatives or byfuneral parlor, Cherish the memory of the dead. Some funeral announcements also appeared in local newspapers, in a special section dedicated to so-called “obituaries,” a small article indicating the date of birth and death in the funeral poster, and perhaps a small biography to pay tribute to the dead. deceased.

Have you seen birth ribbons or funeral posters in Italy? Does your country also have these ways of communicating the birth or death of someone? What are their names? let us know!

Thanks to Erika for writing this article. As usual, I suggest you listen 3, 4, 5 times to internalize all unknown words.If you like this episode, please leave a comment Apple Podcast. This will help others find Italian podcasts. Thanks again for listening. Until next time!CIA

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