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In their words-England fans’ response to the European Cup semi-finals in 2020


England On Wednesday night, fans who watched the tightening Euro 2020 match against Denmark experienced a series of emotions.

When the captain of Denmark, they got promoted Simon Kjaer Lost an own goal during the intermission, letting the two teams evenly split.

Fans in Trafalgar Square were ecstatic and began to chant “Come on England” and “It’s home”.

A fan, Carl Affinwayo, 23 years old, from Croydon South London, told PA News Agency: “Oh, my word, this is crazy, we need-we need balance.

GBP His game is also great, he should be called a jazz. “

Fans watching England vs. Denmark / Amplifier line

Charlotte Paddock, 29, a contingency planner watching the game at BOXPARK in Croydon, said: “This is great, Sterling will perform a hat trick.

“When the first goal came in, I felt very frustrated. We have been defending but it is good and we will win the game.”

Ms. Paddock added that she originally came to London to go to the theatre, but then gave up the plan to watch football.

Ryan Demeza, a 22-year-old retail manager from Hastings who was also watching the game in Croydon, said: “I am absolutely buzzing.

“The whole place has erupted. We have always felt rubbish, but we will definitely win it now.”

Emily Chetty, a 30-year-old social worker from Lewisham, said: “We were a little nervous when it happened, but we got it back, and now we are really happy.

“We need (Aston Villa striker) Jack Gregory, let him play and we will definitely win the game.”

Fans watching England vs. Denmark / Amplifier line

The atmosphere of Waxy’s Little Sister in Leicester Square was full of electricity. England fans cheered, screamed and applauded when the score was equalized, and England’s hopes were rekindled.

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