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Randi Weingarten of AFT is a liar and fool who will die on the CRT hill – RedState

Randi Weingarten is not only a liar, but also her arrogance.First, she put it on record and said Did not teach CRT Public schools in the United States.

“Critical Race Theory Don’t teach In elementary or middle school or high school. This is a test method used by law school and university professors to help analyze the existence of systemic racism. Especially whether it has an impact on law and public policy.

“But cultural fighters label any discussion about race, racism or discrimination as CRT, trying to make it poisonous. They bully teachers and try to prevent us from teaching students accurate history.”

The term “cultural warrior” has become the leftist’s preferred slander against people who disagree with them. What exactly is the “accurate history” of the Weingarten version? 1619 plan It was refuted and debunked because of its obvious logical leap and huge historical error; however, the teachers’ union still recognized its teaching in schools. Back to an old programming term: garbage input. Garbage output. You cannot use inaccurate information and methods to obtain accurate knowledge.

This is the same as Picture tube. The deeper you dig into its origin, the more you discover that it has nothing to do with accuracy or history, but with indoctrination.

Then, Weingarten seemed to have made a big change and fully supported the CRT. Weingarten not only defends the right to teach CRT courses in the classroom, but also defends any AFT teacher who instructs students to study CRT courses and opposes any existing state laws that prohibit it!

After the establishment of the National Education Association (NEA) Annual partySomehow, it is now necessary to teach children “accurate history”, which is clearly seen as CRT.

From Associated Press News:

One of the largest teachers’ unions in the United States vowed on Tuesday to defend members who have been punished for teaching America’s “honest history,” a measure designed to counter the wave of states trying to limit class discussions on race and discrimination.

In a virtual speech to members of the American Federation of Teachers, Chairman Randy Weingarten stated that the union is preparing for litigation and is “ready” to establish a legal defense fund. She promised to fight against “cultural warriors” who tried to limit lessons about racism and discrimination by labeling racism and discrimination. Critical race theory.

Give me a riddle: if you don’t teach it, then why do you need to legally defend those who oppose your teaching it? Very ridiculous, absolutely Orwellian. What you heard me say yesterday is not what I really meant.What i said today is what i really mean.


At least six states have passed new laws restricting the teaching of race in the classroom, and a dozen other states are considering similar proposals. Many bills are aimed at prohibiting the teaching of critical racial theory-an academic framework that examines history through a racist lens. Its central idea is that racism is systemic in state institutions, and their role is to maintain the dominant position of white people in society.

AP got it wrong. This is not an “academic framework”, it is a Marxist indoctrination tool, but no one in the traditional media would say that.If racism is so systematic, the only thing that can be solved is fairness and struggle meetings, then the first thing to do to dismantle AFT’s racism framework is to let Randi Weingarten step down and give her work to any party’s AFT treasurer Federico Ingram, Black, or executive vice president Evelyn De Jesus, Hispanic women.

This is “fair”. The way to lead is to lead by example, so Weingarten needs to be a role model for how CRTs should work.

I won’t hold my breath.

Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that prohibits schools from teaching people “should feel discomfort, guilt, pain, or any other form of psychology” because of race or gender. Troubled.” It added that slavery and racism can only be seen as deviating from the “true principles of statehood” that deviate from freedom and equality.

Some other state bills threaten to fine individual teachers who violate the rules or reduce state government funding for schools.

“Remember my words: Our union will defend any member who is in trouble because of teaching honest history,” Weingarten said in her speech. “Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. It is truly radical and wrong to distort history and threaten educators to teach the truth.”

AFT also needs to study inequalities in education, which have always been a sign of poverty and minority communities, and why parents cry for school choice. Will the CRT resolve the educational gap between the communities that use its education funds correctly and the communities that do not use its education funds? Or will they continue to blame everything on systemic racism and white society?

Maybe 2.5 million can solve this problem! Wait…

In an interview, Weingarten stated that the union is adding 2.5 million US dollars to the existing legal defense fund to respond to the local struggle for racial teaching. The funds will be used to protect teachers who have been disciplined for teaching slavery and racism. She said the union is still considering filing a lawsuit to clarify how the new state law restricts discussion of racism in schools.

“We are studying these laws to see if the court will make some clarifications in advance,” Weingarten said. “It looks like an attempt to erase so much American history.”

The only person trying to erase history is Randy Weingarten. Weingarten hope you forget that it was her union that opposed the reopening of the school last year. She used every excuse in the book to let teachers continue to use Zoom and not allow face-to-face teaching.

Even in the Biden administration’s efforts to achieve School reopens, And Weingarten claimed that she wanted the CDC to provide clear guidance on how to do this safely, but found that AFT in May Talking points with CDC how is it they Hope the school will reopen.

So much to follow the science.

Weingarten is definitely a member of the Liars and Gaslighters club, as is any politician, bureaucrat or union organizer. Pay attention to the language in her tweet: “Our students There should be freedom to study and discuss this issue in school. “When did they become she was students? This is also a key point of Marxism: children do not belong to their parents, but to the country. Therefore, the state can teach them whatever they choose, and CRT is what they choose.

If I were a parent, I would investigate my home school choice now.

If Weingarten is really interested in giving children the concept of “freedom to learn and discuss” in school, then allow a more religious version of a critical theory in which Christianity is not confused with white people?

Yes, this will never happen. Weingarten gave up the game. She made the children lose a whole year or study, lose their self-esteem and confidence, and even lose some lives, in order to pretend to be a teacher and promote the agenda of the teachers union regardless of the cost of young people’s thoughts and lives. .

Now, she is using this racist instillation tool called CRT to show her position, and she plans to die on that hill.

Don’t worry, Randy, your parents are looking forward to burying you there. Trust me, they will.

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