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Why Quillette sucks | Boeing Boeing

Australian writer Claire Lehman recently became Twitter’s “protagonist“By making strange remarks about black female athletes Sha’Carri Richardson and Florence Griffith “Flo-Jo” Joyner. She believes that Richardson’s “strong nails and hair” are side effects of steroids. Flo-Jo, she Add by mistake, Also “has nails” and died of drug abuse.In fact, Sha’Carri Richardson’s huge nails and flowing turmeric wig were a side effect of using salon instead of steroids, and Flo-Jo died of a seizure, which may be due to a congenital brain abnormality she found in an autopsy caused

Lehman’s ignorant vulgarity even right-wingers cringe at her tweets. New York Times’ Jamelle Bouie commented that he hasn’t seen in a while “Twitter unites against one person, just as it unites against the Australian Caliper Magazine Lady.”

However, she does have a defender, the commentator Dave Rubin, who (albeit cautiously keeping her distance) suggested that she should sue someone who called her magazine Quillette a “white supremacist blog.” . Although Rubin’s proposal is legally illiterate, it surprised me that the random quotation of “Suprematists” obscured the entire content of Quillette, that is, the culture of breakfast eating strategy. It’s not just the difference Bui implies, Calipers Racist and Hood Racists, but the special culture of the self-serious middle class, constantly sneers at the British media people, who think things are It’s ridiculous.

The last time Quillette’s affairs published such news around 2019, I had already started drafting an article, but I felt it was meaningless media attention, so I never clicked to publish it. But this latest incident made me realize that Americans, especially Americans, may cleverly point out some subjective ideas about the reality of the United Kingdom (or at least the Commonwealth/Australia) nonsense consensus reality.

There is no specific order:

• Quillette is a (classic) free magazine interested in inconvenient scientific topics. Its goal is usually progressive and located to the left of the center. But the scandal (which published inferior research on journalists and became a victim of Sokal-style scams) showed it as a blog posting about any kind of blog, which has blind spots to reactionary pseudoscience.

• Quillette’s views on things are rooted in fixed ideas that have long been lurking in British and Commonwealth newspapers:”Scientism“. This is the taste of science, but there is no rigorous method. It is a materialistic worldview science that is decoupled from the contingency of scientific practice. Using “hard” science to defeat social science is the cheapest joy, but it proves all expensive All are reasonable. There is a hypothesis hidden in a certain scientific field of expertise that makes a person an expert in all fields (maybe even all fields), which provides endless oxygen for retired engineers and physicists. , Allowing them to express opinions on complex medical and social issues. See also: AIDS denial Sunday Times Into the 1990s.

• This scientism (if not necessarily Quillette itself) reflects a thin window, but it covers a particular range of British political positions, which is left-leaning on the surface with Yes, this is consistent with its single media culture. Viewed from the center right, a witty and tolerant Conservative Party and its slanderous sentence maker. Starting from the center left, Grauniad’s cult of crypto-Blairites, Mattachines, and trans feminists.

• All of this is indistinctly compatible with the American tradition of “scientific racism”, which is Bell curve, But from the opposite direction to the point of common interest. It must be said that Quillette is interested in things other than race. Acknowledging that it reflects a more general interest in science and cultural subjects, this would not be an unceremonious compliment.

• Hidden in Quillette’s sails (I think at least for American readers) is an anti-religious “skepticism movement” whose admirable work to debunk psychics, aliens, popes, etc. The Internet becomes interesting. As the public influence of its traditional religious enemies weakened, the movement became rigid, and its scolding attitude towards religious authority was also taken to other less established enemies. This makes this movement a fertile ground for young reactionaries. A place without old religions but with new enemies.

• Hypocrisy is tolerated as practice. This”Intellectual Dark Web“Free speech absolutists, because it is named deceivingly and deceively, is a regular source of legal threats and secret (if possible naive) support for authoritarians and institutions. Their “censorship” complain They are often just criticism, and their huge self-esteem is hurt. But the formal, state-backed censorship system they threatened to use is too real. Lehman himself threatened to sue someone for “defamation” Quillette because it “would be interesting.”

• Quillette exudes a sense of insecurity and paranoia. This partly stems from the marginalized Galileo society it imagines it surrounds. But the deeper concern is that the host of civil society will be ousted by guests who do not belong to them. Broadly speaking, this is the core truth of the exaggerated rhetoric asserted when Quillette was called the “white supremacist.” For Americans, this is a very attractive idea. They worry that the discussion on tolerance of historical racism will provide authority to victims who set unfreedom goals.

• It cannot stop inserting clichés that make people stop thinking. Although it must be said that Quillette allows a lot of work to rise in its own voice (and its terrible reputation may even deny the best article it deserves) anything close to its obsessive pitcher plant will eventually be filled with the same key that we have been familiar with for years Words, contempt and obsession. “SJWs”, from the underestimated reddit comment six years ago, reached the ears of God through tabloid columnists during Trump’s presidency.

• Conspiracy theories.To be fair, Quillette is sometimes reliable-for example, it is thorough and reliable in terms of vaccines-the further away it is from overwhelming scientific consensus The more likely to be attracted by weird people with correct information and a lot of numbers.

• In addition to good vaccine coverage, it has done “climate change is real, but everyone complains that it is a complaint fraud, shut up and shut up” time and time again.Shout to environmentalists like Arnold Vosloo mummy For some reason, screaming at cats always reminds me of rich liberal donors.

• A critic of Quillette’s accusation of crypto-fascism obscured a better view, stating that they simply do not accept that fascism has no meaningful existence. This allows them to explore the old place without all the baggage, without anyone telling them what to do or think. South Park of the Skull Surveyor.

• Importantly, I think Quillette is difficult to impress bookworm: People with high technical education and stereotypes hate “identity politics”. You would think that this will be a key audience (see liberals and tech brothers, etc.), but it seems that they can smell Quillette’s delusional self-esteem, even if they agree with any point made so far. Quillette desperately wants to be taken seriously by people it considers serious. But we can only be flattered once. This is the evolution of “identity politics”.

• Therefore, for Quillette and similar ideas, we have discovered a series of contemporary beliefs and assumptions that make them (in their own opinion) the standard-bearers of historical scientific traditions that desperately need to be defended and revived. Then, the best term to understand Quilette may be “reactionary humanism.” It appeals to “reality” and provides “realism” about things, a kind of “realism” that is obvious to itself but whose roots are not so obvious to itself. Gender realism and racial realism, realism about everything that people feel uncomfortable with thinking about, all of which are ignorant of tired and miserable thoughts that are still active in their tired and miserable politics.

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