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Italian vocabulary of the day: Ritornello (chorus/chorus)

Do you ever find yourself tapping your feet or nodding to the irresistible rhythm of an unforgettable chorus?You may have felt that indescribable surge of energy as the crowd rallied to sing the powerful refrain of the national anthem italian fraternity. Excellent, my friendlet us applaud the fascinating linguistic treasure that so often steals the spotlight in our musical encounters – Italian avoid!

italian word restraint

the word avoid In Italian there is an interesting etymology.think from italian verb returnmeaning returnwhich represents a avoid Recurring throughout the musical composition.with small suffix -itwhich assumes the literal meaning of “small things returned“.

Because it is a masculine noun, it takes both definite and indefinite articles:

  • chorus = Chorus/Chorus
  • choir = Chorus/Chorus
  • restraint = Chorus/Chorus
  • (of) restraint = (some) chorus/chorus

The chorus of this song is very catchy, don’t you think?

The chorus of this song is very catchy, don’t you think?

the word avoid has an interesting origin in the music world. It first appeared in the 14th century and originally referred to the last lines of the idyll. Over time, however, its meaning broadened to include a recurring musical passage, especially in the realm of Baroque concertos and operas.the main purpose of a avoid It is the introduction of a recurring melodic theme or passage as a cohesive element that brings structure and coherence to the entire musical composition.

over time, avoid has become a widely recognized term in Italian and international music theory and composition music vocabulary.

Woman listens to music in headphones on the street.
I love the chorus of this song! = I love the chorus of this song!

like the english word avoid, avoid Can also refer to repeating a disgusting comment or complaint.

Stop this chorus!

stop going on!

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