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Italian Vocabulary of the Day: Spaventoso (scary/unbelievable)

adjective scary The interesting thing about Italian is that it has positive or negative connotations, depending on how it is used.

scary italian word

In its negative and more traditional sense, it describes anything that causes fear or a feeling of fear and confusion.Some possible translations include Fear, scary, horrible, bad, horrible or horrible.

I had a terrible nightmare yesterday.

I had a horrible/horrible dream last night.

Three kids in scary costumes sitting on the bed in the old house and reading scary stories.
a scary book = a scary book

However, in Italian, as in many other languages, Word meanings sometimes “flip” Over time, especially in slang or common colloquialism.Take English as an example, such as bad, evil and sick all originally had a negative connotation, but then their meanings were reversed to signify something positive—for example, “an evil new song”.

The same applies to scaryIt is also used hyperbolically to describe that something is excellent, extraordinary, marvelous or amazing.

It’s horrible how good Elena is – it’s hard to imagine what she can’t do!

Elena’s performance is amazing – it’s hard to imagine what she couldn’t do!

Happy little boy with VR headset smiling and looking up happily while exploring virtual reality in illuminated room
terrible experience = a great experience

because it’s an adjective ending -oIts form varies according to the gender and/or diversity of the subject it describes.

  • scary = masculine, singular (e.g. a scary monster = a scary monster)
  • scary = feminine, singular (e.g. terrible speed = incredible speed)
  • Fear = masculine, plural (e.g. scary monster = scary monster)
  • Fear = feminine, plural (e.g. terrible speed = incredible speed)

scary from noun frightened meaning is scare or frightened. Also related are the verbs . scare significance to panic or Call the policeand the reflexive feeling scared significance Fear or frighten yourself.

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