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Italian Word of the Day: Abito (Dress/Suit/Suit)

In Italian, the word set Used to refer to any particular kind of clothing worn over underwear, e.g. robe, skirt, set or full outfit. It is derived from the Latin habitmeaning demeanor or appearance.

italian word for equipment

because it’s masculine words beginning with Awhich requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • dress = Skirts/Suits/Gowns
  • clothing = Dress/Suit/Gown
  • a piece of clothing = Dress/Suit/Gown
  • (of) clothes = (some) dresses/suits/gowns

I really like the dresses in this store.

I really like the suits/dresses from this store.

At this point, I can hear you asking: What’s the difference between skirt and set?In fact, they can be considered synonyms, except that skirt are mainly used in spoken language, while set Heard in a more formal context.

Imagine you’re at a formal event, surrounded by people in expensive suits and fancy dresses.The only natural way to describe their clothes is to use the word clothingno clothing, due to the formality of the situation.In an informal or familiar setting, such as a husband asking his wife for advice on what he should wear, the same suit or dress would be called skirt. While the costume itself has not changed, the the nature of the communicative environment Do.

Handsome muscular bald mature black man with beard wearing elegant blue outfit and tie
What a beautiful dress! = What a beautiful suit!

As for the plural clothingIt is generally used to refer to clothingHowever clothing Means “more than one suit/clothing/dress”.

some common types clothing include:

  • evening dress = evening wear
  • Wedding dress = Wedding / Bridal Dresses
  • work clothes = work clothes
  • summer clothing = summer dress
  • sunday dress = best sunday alone
  • religious dress = Habit
  • military uniform = military uniform

Notice set can also mean Habit, custom or inclination in a metaphorical sense.

Mental habits are hard to change.

A person’s mental habits are difficult to change.

Let’s end this article with a common idiom in Italian this dress does not make the priestwhich literally means “a habitual monk”, but can be interpreted as “you can’t judge a book by its cover” in English.

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