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Italian word of the day: Piatto (flat/plate/plate)

Today we're going to look at a useful everyday word that can be classified as either an adjective or a noun: plate.

Adjective “Piatto”

When used as an adjective, the word translates to flat or comes from latin *platewhich again comes from Greek Flounder significance'broad.'

The endings vary according to the gender and plurality of the subject. For example:

  • flat shaft = flat > flat shaft = flat
  • flat stone = flat stone > flat stone = flat stone
  • flat table = flat table > flat table = flat table
  • flat surface = flat surface > flat surface = flat surface

plate You can also describe a calm bodies of water (e.g. flat sea = calm sea) has no waves because still water can appear flat and level.

In geometry it can also refer to straight angle (flat angle).

Technical meeting at the cyberspace tableTechnical meeting at the cyberspace table
The screen is flat = The screen is flat

Figuratively speaking, it may also mean something boring, boring Or boring, like a book or movie that lacks an interesting plot.

The little boy looks bored with the books on the table.The little boy looks bored with the books on the table.
The story is pretty bland. = This story is so bleak.

Noun “flat”

Derived from this adjective we get the noun plate This refers to a plate, such as the kind we use to hold or eat food.Unlike adjectives, nouns plate Exists only in its masculine form, plural form Dishes.

A soup plate (literally “deep board”) refers to plate with raised rim for use in soups and pasta dishes, while flat is a word for standard apartment dinner plate. A base plate (literally “under the board”) is Charging board or service board.

Round empty plate on gray concrete background.Round empty plate on gray concrete background.

By extension, plate Can also refer to the food itself on the plate.When this is meant, some possible English translations include plate, platter, plate, a meal and course.

  • Hot dishes = Hot dishes
  • cold dish = Cold dishes/platters
  • Today's special dish = Special on that day
  • typical meal = typical dishes
  • Single menu = single course
  • first lesson = first lesson
  • pasta = A plate of pasta/pasta plate
  • Strong dish = Main Course/Specialty
  • main course = main course
  • Second course = Main meal/main dish

Pasta calamarata with vegetarian sauce.Pasta calamarata with vegetarian sauce.
a plate of pasta = a plate of pasta

in music, plate is a word cymbals Due to its plate-like appearance, as well as the word platterplace the record on the turntable.

Finally, in gambling it refers to pot, pool or cat.

Idioms and proverbs containing “piatto”

The plate cried

Literal translation: The pot cried
English meaning: The kitten is short (an expression used in playing cards)

Selling myself for a plate of lentils

Literal translation: Selling myself for a plate of lentils
English meaning: the act of providing something of great value to someone for little compensation

This is a biblical expression derived from the Bereishit story of Esau, who sold his birthright to Yaakov in exchange for a bowl of lentil stew.

Hearty dish, I will stick with it

Literal translation: The dishes are rich, I just dive in
English meaning: A tempting meal is placed in front of me and I would happily eat it

Spit on the plate

Literal translation: Spit on your plate
English meaning: Not appreciating your lucky circumstances or those who provide for you, bite the hand that feeds you

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