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Italian word of the day: Stivale (boots)

Like many kids his age, one of my son's favorite pastimes is jumping in the mud puddle (puddle). Unfortunately, even without his help, he sometimes gets into puddles. boots (boots) exist!

according to Trecanithe origin start up Dating back to Old French summer, but beyond that, its etymology is uncertain. However, Devoto-Oli suggests that it may come from Old French summermeaning'leg' or'corrugated flute,” which comes from Latin stamp (“straw”).

Power on Be male but not male and accept the following articles:

  • boots = guide
  • boots = boots
  • boots = boots
  • some boots = some boots

A start up Can be defined as a sturdy item of footwear that sits above the ankle, usually below the knee. there are many different kinds boots But here are some of the most popular:

  • rubber boots = Rubber boots/Wellington boots
  • Leather/leather boots = leather boots
  • hunting boots = hunting boots
  • fishing boots = fishing boots
  • riding boots = riding boots
  • cowboy boots = cowboy boots

one of the most important parts start up include heel (heel), hint (toe), sole (sole), shoelace (shoelace), Tongue (Tongue), leg (axis) and Lace holes (Eyelets).

Here are some verbs you'll see often start up In everyday conversation:

  • put on your boots = put on boots
  • take off your boots = take off boots
  • wear boots = wear boots
  • take off boots = take off boots
  • polish your boots = polish boots

Close-up of children in yellow boots paddling.Close-up of children paddling in yellow boots.

about what low boots or short boots? These are well known small Stivaletto,and – However The ending means “little”.

In English we often refer to the Italian Peninsula as italian boots Because its shape is similar to a long boot heel (heel). The same name can be used in Italian – boots. (For those interested in linguistics, an adjective can be used instead, e.g. start upas a proper name, e.g. Italy, called antonomasia! )

Pointing finger to Italy on Europe mapPointing finger to Italy on Europe map

do you know…?

Thigh-length leather boots first became popular in the 15th and 16th centuries, but were worn only by men. It turned out to be criminal offense (crime) Suitable for women to wear!

Idiomatic expressions characterized by “stivale”

my boots

Literal translation: my boots
English meaning: An old-fashioned expression meaning good for nothing, worthless, a poor excuse for something (e.g. plumber in my boots = A plumber's lame excuse.)

polish someone's boots

Literal translation: polish someone's boots
English meaning: to curry favor with someone

break someone's boots

Literal translation: break someone's boots
English meaning: to annoy someone, to upset someone (less common alternative disturb someoneand can significance Box)

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