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Jamal Murciala helped Germany beat Hungary 2-2

A kindIt’s cold in Munich on a Saturday in January Joachim Love Wearing a wool blanket on the Bayern football field, watching the Bundesliga game against Hoffenheim, a boy with thin legs came off the bench. He saw how the 17-year-old boy was immediately hit by a teammate from Munich. He saw the boy almost never conceded the ball. He saw how the boy guided the ball with the side of the shoe and stroked the sole. He saw the boy kissing the ball with his foot.

Later, according to a report in Bild, Loew personally talked with the boy. He wants to persuade him to play for the German national team in the future. And if starting from this Saturday in January, fast forward to the third round of EM preliminaries, you can probably say that the winter excursion saves the national team coach from the next embarrassment in the summer.

When Loew played at Jamal Musyara (18 years old) in Munich on Wednesday night, he didn’t score a goal. Hungary leads 2-1. The field table shows: Germany is at the bottom-therefore eliminated. In the 82nd minute, Murciala ran on the grass with one leg. In the 84th minute, he grabbed the ball from the baseline and quickly pushed into the penalty area. Now he has three defenders from Hungary in front of him.

Self-confidence? Confidence!

He danced the first dance with physical hallucinations, looked at the middle-and found a gap that his teammates hadn’t found in this game.Shoot in five seconds Leon Gorecka The ball went into the goal. “I’m really happy,” said Murciala, sitting in front of the camera in the grave under the arena to answer reporters’ questions after his first minute in the European Championship. He told how Loew told him before going on the court that he should dare to play with the ball. That’s why he dared to do something. “I came in with confidence.”

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