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Jia Weide: Wearing a mask after July 19 is a “responsible thing”


Ajid Javid Once stated that he plans to wear a mask after the “foreseeable future” government Announcing that their use will become voluntary in the next phase of the roadmap.

This Sanitation Committee Said this is a “responsible thing anyone should do” because he confirmed that he will continue to wear a mask under certain circumstances in public.

The legal requirements for wearing a mask will be United Kingdom On “Freedom Day”—expected on July 19—though guidance suggests that people may still choose to do so in crowded places.

Experts still disagree on this issue, but the Minister of Health stated that this marks individuals moving towards the exercise of personal responsibility, rather than passing laws to regulate their lifestyle during the pandemic.

Mr. Javid told Sky News: “For the foreseeable future, I will carry a mask with me. I think this is a very responsible thing for anyone. As I said, the pandemic is not over yet.

“If I am in a crowded or enclosed space, I will wear a mask. In fact, I will wear a mask if there are people around me or those who are uncomfortable with people who are not wearing a mask.

“This is what I call personality responsibility.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Monday evening, when he announced his plan at a press conference, he said that out of courtesy, he would wear a mask in crowded places.

But he added that in situations such as sitting alone in a train carriage, “people should have the right to exercise some discretion.”

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, and the government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Valance, have also pledged to wear masks under certain circumstances.

Professor Calum Semple, a member of the Emergency Science Advisory Group (Sage), said on Tuesday that this is the correct approach by top government scientists.

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