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China tried to humiliate the United States, but the result was very bad – RedState

July 4th is over, but bad things are still going on. Obviously, Rep. Corey Bush with Toure They have an international partner for their hatred of the United States.

Last night, China joined the dispute through its official news agency called China Xinhua News Agency. To humiliate the United States, they released a cartoon depicting the rising gun crime in the country. However, it did not have an impact, but it became very bad.

What followed was an unprecedented proportion, which included many reminders of China’s own history.

I know that China is proud of being a net exporter, but maybe they need to bring in someone who can speak and understand basic English because the translation here is too bad. “Gun to death” and “Freedom of shooting” sound like the voices of a Chinese searched on Google. In fact, right now, my grammar toolbar is frantically trying to get me to fix these phrases after I type them.

Besides, do you know who is not driving the rise in gun crime in the United States? The white man in the yellow hat carries a rifle that looks strange. In light of this, it is interesting that even China has an understanding of how they structure things.

The response flooded into cartoons sponsored by the CCP. Many show pictures of Tiananmen Square, while others show China’s past and present genocide. After all, we are talking about the most brutal country in human history. In just over half a century, an estimated 60-90 million people were killed by the government. If there is any country that should ignore violence in another country, it is China.

But this is a window into the kind of propaganda that Chinese people receive from top to bottom every day. This is why you see such ferocious defenses against systems and leaders that oppress them. Communists are deeply entrenched in people’s hearts. Freedom is not only bad, but also leads to dangerous results.

In the end, this cartoon is stupid and inadvertently funny. It lacks background and does not prove that there is a real connection between freedom and violence. There are almost no gun laws in many places in the United States (except for laws at the federal level), and there are almost no gun crimes. The problem is not with guns, and it has never been.

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