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Kammy’s custom Dodge jersey – RedState

Kamala Harris withdrew from the presidential candidate before she was humiliated in her home state of California, and withdrew with 0% of the vote.

It is generally believed that the candidate who failed completely as a candidate was grilled by Tulsi Gabbard on the debate stage and thrown into the trash can by voters. Despite this, she was still rejected by Joe Biden (Joe Biden). Elected as Vice President. why? Biden wanted a woman, a woman of color.

Is it really weird that she was chosen as a vice president just because of her gender and melanin?

Harris has stepped on more rakes than blind people in the rake factory in 5 months. In a word, she is incompetent. Now, there is news that her employees hate her. I’m not sure if it’s because of giggles (which is enough for me), inability to do anything, or Harris realizes that she is not good at this job. The word came out. She is terrible, but there is only one 25day Modify the vote away from running the show.

When the Dodgers visited the White House, she got a customized jersey. Joe invited Kams to the White House so that she could get her Dodgers jersey with her name and number…

God help us.

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