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Kevin McCarthy threatened to join Pelosi on January 6, Boonedog’s nuclear Republicans – RedState

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently announced the establishment of a select committee to conduct an “investigation” on January 6.Although Pelosi herself has announced how she feels and who is responsible for it, and accused white supremacy, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, these three things are clearly not related to the turmoil of the day (see Nancy Pelosi announces the “root cause” in January and protects her arguments in the process).

The next question will be who is placed on the committee, which exists to promote Infatuation on January 6 For partisan reasons. The Democratic hackers assigned are not surprising (Ruskins, Schiff, Thompson, etc.), but there is also Representative Liz Cheney. Marginalized Republicans Since it happened, there has been no stopping talking about January 6, which eventually led to her removal from the leadership of the House of Representatives. Now, Pelosi offers her a committee position.

In response, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened to conduct nuclear tests on any Republicans who accept such proposals.

This will be a major move taken by the Republican leadership, and the threat is directed at Cheney. Anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinsinger, although he pitifully sought attention, he always stood against the wall at the prom, and Pelosi did not even ask him to join the committee.

For now, Cheney seems to accept this proposal, allowing McCarthy to trigger a political trigger. The question is whether he will stick to it? Frankly, if he does not do this, I believe he is stifling the golden opportunity to become the majority leader after the 2022 election. If he folds here and shows that he is not a trustworthy person, it will give the Republicans a bitter taste.

In other words, if Cheney does not back down, I think he has no choice but to remove Cheney from her committee duties. Will she do this? The answer is almost certainly no. She toasted, and I think she finally accepted it. Her future is to analyze Jake Tapper on CNN, not in Congress, and certainly not as the leader of the Republican Party.

Finally, I want to point out that some common suspects insist that if McCarthy does this, it will hurt the party. That’s nonsense. Just as those people mistakenly believed that Cheney became a powerful force after his last expulsion (she was completely marginalized and ignored since then), they are now wrong. Voters don’t care about these things. They don’t care about Liz Cheney. In view of this, McCarthy has nothing to lose from going crazy here. He should do it.

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