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Same Day Sale-Up to 60% off selected TwelveSouth items

Trading news – What is better than a weekend holiday? Holiday weekend with fireworks! What is better than a holiday weekend with fireworks? On a weekend holiday with fireworks, you can save up to 60% when you buy cool products South Twelve! Please refer to the transaction details below and note that the discount is only valid from today to 7/5/21.

24.99 USD (Original price $49.99)

Take off for your next trip? Be sure to bring AirFly Duo so you can enjoy inflight entertainment with your favorite wireless headphones!

US$49.99 – US$69.99 (Original price $69.99-$89.99)

Put your iPad and connected keyboard in a beautiful leather case with a strong spine and six-sided protection. A case? It’s just crazy enough to work!

Buy both for 100 yuan!

Improve your settings by raising the screen to a more comfortable viewing height Curve (10 USD discount) with Curved riser ($30 off). This pair of streamlined desktop stand, the Stars and Stripes mirror each other!

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