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Lazio midfielder can solve Liverpool’s vacancy but the price is too high

Liverpool need to fill the huge gap vacated by Georginio Wijaldum, who now plays for Paris Saint-Germain.

It seems that the player they have in mind is Sergei Milinkovic-Savage. However, getting him to Anfield Stadium seems to be a long process.

according to Transfer marketThe asking price of 85.7 million pounds ($118.3 million) is the cost of persuading SS Lazio to agree to the transaction.

I have already called, and it seems that both parties are negotiating, hoping to achieve a neutral position.

According to reports, the Red Army is willing to invest 68.5 million pounds ($94.57 million) for the services of the Spanish midfielder.

It was early in the summer transfer window that news of the Red Army’s interest in Milinkovic-Savage came out.

When this happened, Liverpool fans liked the idea. However, unless the negotiations between the two camps yield good results, high price tags may water this possibility.

As we all know, Liverpool has not splurge in recent years, which is another reason that may hinder Milinkovic-Savage from joining Anfield.

Lazio seems to realize this, which is the reason for setting the price tag.

Milinkovic-Savage seems to be worth it to join the Red Army. Although he dreams of playing for Real Madrid, seeing the 26-year-old in a Liverpool uniform may be a short-term solution.

In Serie A, the Serbian has averaged more than one goal or assist in every three games of his career.

Last year, he scored 8 goals and provided 10 assists in Le Aguille.In addition to scoring, so did Milinkovic-Savage Good guard, Making him a flexible and talented complement to the career of head coach Jurgen Klopp.

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