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Kwasi Kwarteng: I will continue to wear a mask on the subway after July 19

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The Cabinet Secretary revealed that he “may” still wear his face mask on Londonof tube Network after Freedom Day.

Business secretary Quasi Quatten Say he believes in “personal responsibility” but he will continue to wear a mask underground After the UK abolished the mask regulations on July 19th.

Boris Johnson once said Face mask After that date will be a matter of “personal choice”, but some companies have stated that they will continue to require people to wear masks.

Some airlines stated that they will still be compulsory to wear masks, and the World Health Organization still recommends that they continue to be mandatory in public transportation, shops and crowded places.

Mr. Kwarteng told Sky News: “I have always said that I believe in personal responsibility. I think companies have their own discretion-their own judgment.

“Personally, I often use the subway in London. In this case, I might use them in the subway on public transport-wearing a mask. This is my personal opinion. This is not something I would require or have to ask Something that other people are calling the shots.”

When asked if he continues to demand for companies, airlines and the hotel industry Face mask Used in their premises, he replied: “Yes, I mean, actually before Covid, it’s very interesting that companies always have the ability to regulate certain health, or… they always have it. I think We will return to the situation where people have forgotten that companies actually have some discretion in what people can wear…”

At the same time, Sir Paul Nass, director of the Francis Crick Institute, said that there is no point in not insisting on wearing masks in crowded situations.

“We need wise, well-thought-out, and good plans. Of course, we must make the most of the summer, but that doesn’t mean we must open the door.”

Sir Paul said that he also believes that coronavirus testing must continue, and should focus on creating a safe working environment.

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