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Insecurity in dealing with soldiers

Symbolic fear: no politician expects someone to return from Afghanistan.
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Those returning from Afghanistan did not request to receive Tschingderassabum. Even if you don’t say a word, the political presence will be very important.

DThe Minister of Defense is outraged that the politics of the last return of Afghanistan’s soldiers shined in their complete absence Kramp-Karenbauer Forced to write a defense. Their main argument is: “A quiet arrival” is the wish of the soldiers. They want to go home as soon as possible. In addition, the issue of absenteeism was discussed with the inspector general and the National Defense Commission.

People can only understand the desire of returnees to embrace their families. But no one asked for a few hours of speeches on the operation at the airport. There will be time to do so at the closing roll call meeting at the end of August. However, ministers or parliamentarians can say “welcome home” instead of the commander-in-chief.

Symbolic fear

Even just appearing as a sign of recognition and appreciation is better than-agree-stay away and claim that the soldier would not want it in any other way. What are you looking forward to? The troops that have been committed to their duties for two decades without complaints and regrets have finally asked for salutes and salutes? These soldiers should defend Germany’s safety in the Hindu Kush Mountains. In the way politicians treat our soldiers, even after countless business trips, there is still a considerable degree of uncertainty, let alone symbolic fear.

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