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L’estate italiana-Intermedio # 29-Italian Podcast

in the middle of = Right in the middle of
If you breathe = You can breathe, you can feel…
One second is enough = One moment is enough
They relapse = They came back, they introduced themselves
Clear= Unmistakable

  • Country festival: The temperature is mild in summer evenings, everyone wants to go out and meet on the streets of the town, listen to great music, and dine outdoors.And indeed in summer group Country festival or so-called festival: A party with a specific theme, usually food (you know, we Italians We are a little obsessed) It might even last a few days, with live music, Stall, Street food. Even the so-called “white night” can be classified into this category. Because we are Italians and not Russians, our “white nights” have nothing to do with the color of the sky: they are only at night (usually once a week, depending on the city), shops and commercial activities are open until late at night, so even at dinner You can also go shopping later (usually in Italy, shops close around 7/20 in the evening).
  • Dehors: When you can stay outside and enjoy your life, why must you stay enclosed within four walls (= walls)Summer breeze Watching passersby busy Running around in the city?In summer, bars and restaurants set up tables and chairs on the street in front of the club adapt The customer is outdoors. dehors can be get up, Closed by windows, covered by umbrellas, it’s okay: the important thing is outdoors. The word “dehors” does not look very Italian, in fact it is clearly not: it is derived from the French adverb “dehors”, which can be simply translated as “outside” in Italian. It must also be noted that the term is commonly used in northern Italy or at least in Turin, while it seems to be less common in other regions and has been replaced by “external”.Anyway, a few Italian dictionaries They brought it back That’s exactly what it means.

Town Festival/Festival = Town Festival
germination = Crawling-a lot of things
be fixed = Addicted
Stall = Booth, booth, booth
Arietta = Breza-Breeze
busy =Busy-a person has a lot of things to do and a lot of “housework”, so he is very busy, has no time, and is very “busy”
adapt = Let someone sit down
improve = Promotion-to a higher level
Report = Be listed—indicate, contain

  • I Mantra Summer: If you don’t have a typical summer song, it’s really not summer An irrepressible Want to dance and a little Their nerves have been greatly injured Because they insist on constantly transmitting on the radio.In recent years, reggae songs, Spanish, commercials Do your best: They can be heard everywhere in shops, bars, discos and on the beach.impossible Run away from him, In summary!But usually there are also Italian artists Mass production Their summer is at the right time: they are always cheerful, rhythmic songs, telling about the sea, the sun, the party, Packed Deliberately dance and sing throughout the summer.

Summer smash = Summer is here. But “buzzwords” are a kind of “torture”, which recurs in an annoying way. So it can also be a “buzzword”
Unstoppable = Uncontrollable-unstoppable
Make you nervous = Make someone nervous
Go to the most = All the rage-become the most popular
Escape (from something) = Avoid something
Remove from the oven = Mass production-creation, production, manufacturing (usually very fast)
Bale = Let. “Summary”, in this case, “thinking” and “making” have a specific purpose

  • TV programs: Even people who work in TV stations will go on vacation, so usually in the summer, TV programs are very limited.The most serious show They ask for leave With “See you in September”, give way to relaxing shows: music festivals, jokes, ambitious competitions Vallet, Summer movie.Then, don’t forget, the appointment with the football match: until July, when the World Cup or European Championship is held, you can’t Missed date!Italians follow Hold your breath Every game of the national team is on a warm summer night, and I hope every time I can reach the finals and win the coveted trophy.
  • Ice cream: At the first signs of heating, the bar and TV are ready: it’s time to eat ice cream! The bar took out their “Scoreboard“With the images and prices of all the packaged (industrial) ice creams they sell, and on TV, the companies that produce them are racing to find ads, Impressed In the hearts of Italians. The iconic one is the so-called “cornetto”: no, not the cappuccino you eat for breakfast, but an industrial ice cream, reminiscent of the classic ice cream cone shape.Then there is an ice cream shop, offering traditional hand-made ice cream in cones or cups: in the summer on the streets of any Italian city, it is impossible not to meet at least one person who enjoys a good time while walking Walking ice cream!As an alternative to ice cream, in the bar, you can also find granita or popsicles. They are based on various flavors of ice and syrup and provide a little bit of refreshments Reconciliation heat summer.

These are some Distinctive features Italian summers are those who immediately let you say: Yes, this is official, this is summer!

bid farewell = Ask for leave, say goodbye
Valletta = TV showgirl
Missed date = Missed date
Hold your breath = In suspense, with the breath of bait
Distinctive traits = Distinguishing feature

Do you already know them? Are they the same in your country? Do you know or notice other people? Let us know by leaving a comment on the website!

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