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Madrid court ruled that far-right anti-immigration posters are legal in Spain

Spanish human rights organizations and politicians spoke after the court ruled on controversial and false election posters Far-right Vox party It should not be withdrawn because it is a legitimate political expression and because it portrays unaccompanied foreign minors in a ruthlessly negative light as “an obvious social and political issue.”

This poster was used by Vox as part of its election campaign in May Fiercely competitive Madrid regional elections, Was placed in a busy train station in the capital, showing a dark-skinned youth wearing a hood and a mask and a white Hispanic Incorrectly suggested Refugee and immigrant children under the care of the state receive 10 times the monthly benefits of Spanish grandmothers’ pensions.

The Spanish acronym, which is usually derogatory in publicity, refers to unaccompanied minor immigrants. MenasAnd wrote: “4,700 Euros per month, the man. Your grandmother’s pension is 426 euros per month. The slogan below urges Madrid people to “protect Madrid” and “vote for safety.”

An investigation has been initiated to determine whether the poster constitutes a hate crime, and the prosecutor appealed to the Madrid Provincial Court, requesting that the poster be withdrawn as a preventive measure.

However, the court rejected the appeal on the grounds that the poster was an election slogan. ruling, National newspaper, Added: “Regardless of whether the figures provided are true or not, [foreign migrants] As we all know, this is an obvious social and political issue that has an impact on our international relations. “

The judge also stated that this poster can be seen as a broader criticism of pension costs compared to the cost of raising unaccompanied minors.

They continued: “Sharing certain ideas should not be considered a crime unless their ultimate purpose is threats, harm, or contempt. Although it may be critical, it is legal as long as it is expressed in a way that does not lead to the above-mentioned illegal purpose. .”

The Catalan branch of Amnesty International stated that the issue of Vox’s use of “hate speech against unaccompanied immigrant children in helpless situations” needs to be resolved.

It said: “We need to face language that stigmatizes refugees and immigrants and tries to legitimize racism, hatred and xenophobia.”

It added that if this does not happen, this language will continue to be used to spread fear and prejudice.

Hana Jalloul, former secretary of state for immigration and current spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party in the Madrid Regional Assembly, said the poster was “racist” and incited hatred against disadvantaged groups.

“Don’t forget that they are the kids we are talking about,” Jarul says“This is a typical poster from the racist, radical extreme right.”

The conservative People’s Party stated that although it respects the court’s decision, “whether we agree or not, [the poster] That’s right, because the key argument in the election campaign is completely another matter.” The center-right Civic Party called the poster “inflammatory and populist”, while the ultra-left, anti-austerity Unidas Podemos party said it would The conviction is “contrary to democratic normalcy.”

Vox welcomed the court’s decision and stated that illegal immigration is a “real problem” that affects many Spaniards.

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