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Manuel Grave’s penalty kick between England and Denmark in the semifinals of the European Championship

FEarlier, the German referee would make a controversial decision before the penalty kick, leading 2-1 in the European Championship semi-finals between England and Denmark. “In theory you can give it, and it’s not bad now,” former referee Manuel Greif said Thursday night as an expert ZDF About penalty kicks. “Personally, I don’t think he is here. I would say: Continue to play because it suits the game and because it also suits the referee’s route.”

United Kingdom Raheem Sterling In the first half of overtime, he fell in the penalty area. Referee Danny Makkelie saw Joakim Maehle foul and decided to take a penalty. Video assistant Pol van Boekel checked the scene, but did not intervene. Star forward Harry Kane (Harry Kane) converted into the winning goal in the score (No. 104).

Wagner: “That’s not appropriate”

“You can see the knee-to-calf contact. But Sterling has entered the duel with intention-you can see that he is moving his body forward, he wants to pull it, he wants to cheat, as the saying goes, “The 47-year-old earl said. “Based on the case model, you can actually see that this is not enough.”

And the former referee Lutz Wagner Be critical of the Dutchman Makkelie’s decision. “It would be better if he didn’t call penalty kicks,” said the 58-year-old ARD sports program expert. “This is not in line with the other rules in the game or Danny Makely’s rules, which is contrary to the overall evaluation of the duel so far. On the contrary, it is allowed to run a lot.”

Before the penalty kick, you can see the second ball on the court near the Danish penalty area. However, from Wagner’s point of view, this is not a compelling reason to stop the game. “Obviously Makkelie did not notice any impact on the game and the players involved, so he doesn’t have to interrupt,” he said.

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