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Mayor Sadik Khan commemorates the 16th anniversary of the July 7th London bombing


London mayor Sadik Khan Pay tribute to the victims of the July 7 bombing to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attack.

When a series of coordinated explosions hit three people, 52 people were killed and more than 700 people were injured London Underground Trains and double-decker buses in 2005.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Mr. Khan expressed his thoughts to the victims and thanked the city’s emergency services for their “heroic efforts” that day.

7/7 Memorial Day of the Bombing / PA file

He said: “Our capital stands together to reflect and commemorate the innocent victims, and our hearts are with all those who change lives forever.

“As we commemorate the 16th anniversary of the attack on our city, I once again pay tribute to the heroic efforts of our emergency services and transportation workers who rushed into danger, helped people and saved lives.

“The way our city reacted that day and continued to unite against terrorism showed the world that now and forever, those who try to undermine our way of life in London will never win.

“London will always stand firmly against the evil of hatred and terrorism. Our values ​​of freedom, tolerance and mutual respect will always prevail over those who try to divide us.”

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