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Mother’s Day gift ideas using NOVICA products

This year’s Mother’s Day is on May 9. Although we don’t have to celebrate the image of a mother or mother only once a year, this is a good opportunity to express our love and affection and make it special.


Mother’s Day is a festival to commemorate the mother, and it has different forms all over the world. According to History.com, the American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official holiday in the United States in 1914.To learn more, click Here.

In today’s post, I wrote about Mother’s Day gift ideas for any special woman in your life on this day or any other day of the year, as well as exciting giveaways! Let us celebrate the season of revival and hope with artisans from all over the world, who inject life and creativity into each of their works.

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I received these products for free from Novica.com to showcase products and artists.


New Star Network Celebrate craftsmen from all over the world. These handmade products are made by real people, not in a factory environment, and your shopping helps support the hard work and dedication of each artisan.

I like their products. I searched different categories and artists on their website. Explore NOVICA.com Here. Now selling for any mother in your life. The different categories include unique gifts, jewelry, fashion, paintings, masks, cleansing beauty, new products, reasons, regions and sales. I really like the career category, where you can shop by career, such as taking care of children, empowering women, supporting education, overcoming adversity, overcoming cancer, protecting tradition, supporting protection, etc.I welcome you to click Here Meet your shopping needs. There are many things to learn and explore. It is really great to know these craftsmen, their stories, struggles and successes.

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my experience

I bought 3 items with a $50 gift card

  1. income

2. Shawl

3. 2 packs of masks

The handmade quartz bead pendant earrings I ordered, “Early Light”, are packed in a cute small jewelry bag and shipped directly from Thailand. They come with free gift message cards and Novica certified story cards.

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