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MSNBC’s Republican Party strategist said that the Republican Party “needs to be burned” to abandon its “neo-fascist”-RedState

If you have watched a lot of cable news, you may have noticed that sometimes conservative or Republican advocates do not seem to be conservatives or Republicans.

“It seems” is a valid word-of course, the Internet will not welcome guests it knows will destroy what they call it.

Go on, in two-hour installments on Monday Redout, Republican Susan Del Percio took a fierce stance against the Republican Party.

This Lincoln Project The senior consultant shared her thoughts on how to improve America’s “democracy”.

Strategist-who Previous suggestion Andrew Cuomo — Tell the MSNBC audience that once the Lincoln Party is burned down, it can be rebuilt.

Susan has been looking for:

“Really, I have been looking for a new word for Trumpism because I hate it.”

She explained that the controversial activism is “not just Donald Trump within the Republican Party.”

Therefore, how to look at some fascism:

“Forget Trumpism. This is neo-fascism. This is how the party’s grassroots is now.”

In Susan’s view, the weirdo will be half of the victory:

“The weirdest weird will win the Republican primary, but they will lose in the general election. This may not only help the Democratic Party, but it will help the Republican Party to some extent, because it will burn it — maybe not In 2022 or 2024.”

example: Alan West, As Joey puts it-“Thinking that Greg Abbott is not correct enough, in Everything Greg Abbott does. “

This section outlines some of Allen’s positions, including Islam as a “totalitarian, theocratic political ideology” and democratic “alms” as “the most sinister form of slavery in the world today.”

Normal, don’t let us down now: Susan predicts,”[A]After suffering enough losses, we may see a “normal” return, because those neo-fascists will be excluded from the party. “

As paraphrased Daily Telegraph, Host Joy Reid also provided her expertise:

“I always talk to Republicans like you…”

Joey wants to know how to make the party “at least restore sanity…”

Susan suggested, “It needs to be burned.”

To reiterate:

“It really needs to be demolished before it can go in and rebuild.”

If it were destroyed, what would the rebuilt version look like?

This is unclear.

This is not the first time Joey and Susan have had such an exchange.

May, Reid ask Del Percio, “Susan, they fell into a completely crazy cult. What happened to your party?”

“What’s happening is… Donald Trump is the least problematic. Trumpism and what it represents has permeated the Republican Party. At the state level, this is especially true. This is where these candidates are proposed. People. It’s the state party that is working hard for these weird Qanon and others. They won the primary election.”

Joey added, “After all, the tea party is not much better, okay? They are also crazy. You know, do all these crazy things and put President Obama on the portrait.”

In October, the two observed the Washington Post’s assertion that the Republican Party was “in crisis.”

Every happiness:

“This is terrified by the Republican Party… the entire party collapsed under Trump’s leadership.”

Joey and Susan-those two (Republicans?) look like a few peas in a pod.

Do you foresee that the party will be burned?

For those Republicans who do this, I predict-if it rebuilds in accordance with the norms of most party members-it may be an institution that Joey and Susan are unwilling to do.


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