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My favorite bikini trend + how to wear style on the beach

Complicated bikini tops are the current trend! So, if you want to take a break from the triangle top: look for interesting cuts, decorations and unusual necklines.

Personally, I am very supportive of this trend, because decorative bikini tops look just as cool on the beach as they are off the beach. For today’s look, I paired bikinis with satin dresses, chic high heels and waist chains (another major trend this season). We are going to the beach for dinner, so I want something chic but not too elegant.

Orange is actually one of my favorite colors, so I want to give you some orange bikini choices that I currently like. Orange is actually a very easy-to-wear color because it looks great with all neutral colors as well as black and white, but it adds the perfect pop color needed for any beach outfit.

The key to wearing a bikini on the beach is to add some accessories, such as chain straps, chic bags and stylish high heels. Well, that’s right! You can definitely wear a bikini with high heels, just choose an extra-length or mid-length skirt or wide-leg pants, and watch your bikini top become a completely elegant outfit.

Link to some non-traditional masking options below.In addition, I want to give you a more casual choice, because I am totally addicted to Orange terry cloth from below. Chic, comfortable and cool, with cool slippers and cute bucket hat Like this E.g!

TRIANGL Maci Zebra Pop Bikini (Also love This, This, with This A) | Anne Bin Noel Short skirt (Also love This with This One) | Jacquemus The Curb Belt belt (Also love This, This, with This A) | Paco Rabanne 1969 Nano Treso package | Bottega Veneta Leather sandals

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