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New format and new meeting-Intermediate #7-Italian Podcast

Welcome back to the Italian podcast. My name is David, and you have not heard from me for a long time. I haven’t recorded a podcast for a long time.There are reasons for this: one of them is I graduated (I graduated) In July, I graduated from language intermediary (translation and interpreting), so I started writing my thesis.but I will lie (I will lie) If I say that is the reason, the only reason, the main reason.The real reason is that I have always been lazy, and I also have Lose motivation (Weakened motivation) When making this podcast; but my purpose is Get it back (Looking back) And changed things a little bit to find a way to make it work, to find a way to make more episodes for me.One thing I want to try, what I’m doing in this episode, is to speak without writing a script, just to say It goes through my head(Suddenly appeared in my mind) Then edit them. Obviously there is a topic, talking about what I want to say-and editing by deleting all “um” or pauses, which can be a bit annoying for the audience.My intention is this, because I really don’t like writing, I realized that writing podcast episodes for me was an obstacle, because I opened an empty Word file, and Pass by me Instantly desire (I lost my will) Work, write, sometimes I don’t even know what to write. Obviously, what I am doing now-I am just speaking in this format-if the topic is not a topic I have to study, I don’t have to look for information, because in this case I will have to write the real text of what I mean .but The farther the better (The farther the better) I want to try to make a series like this, where I just talk and say what I want to talk about, and then transcribe it. One option is to also start making videos—something I might try later—for this episode, I just want to talk about it.

In this episode, I want to talk about one of the things I did recently, which is to entertain a Russian friend of mine. I actually have two friends-I only know one of them. My friend is Artem Nazarov (Artem Nazarov), he is Russian, Siberian, he is from Novosibirsk. Thanks to him, I visited the podcast many times. Artem is a multilingual, which means he speaks many languages, including Italian, and we have known each other for at least three years.He added me on Facebook and I remember that we started to practice our language-especially Italian and Russian-and finally we had a chance to meet live (In real life), This is a very important thing specific (Hupengou Friends: strange). See the presence of people who have been talking to you for a while (but only via Skype) In meat and bone (In the flesh), He is a real person, he is special. I was very happy to meet Artem and his friend Dima, who are also from Novosibirsk. We drove around Turin and I took him to visit the most important places in the city. Artem and Dima spent a month in Italy and I believe they will learn a lot of Italian. If you learn Italian or any language, this is of course a beautiful thing. It is great to be able to visit the country where it is spoken and be able to spend such a long time, such as a month. Go to many cities and places. Italy is a country with very different places: the north is different from the middle, and the middle is different from the south.So it will definitely be interesting for them and Altem, who is sure to learn Italian. It will gain a great advantage (Will benefit a lot from it). In addition, if you follow me to thank him, I thank you; we recorded a multilingual video, I believe it will be His Youtube channel It may also be posted on his page contact details, If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Russian social network, where Artem has a page called Yaziki, which means “language” in Russian. But if you are not Russian and you don’t care about it, that’s okay.

After the first meeting, Artem and I were at my house

I just want to emphasize how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is rich (Enriched) Being able to meet.. First of all, I have a friend who can practice foreign languages ​​with him even if not every day-because in fact I don’t talk to Artyom very often, maybe once a month, but sometimes even less. However, we talk from time to time.It’s a wonderful thing to be able to meet someone in the end, especially someone like him. He really makes you Instill motivation (Inspire, provide motivation) It gave me the motivation to continue learning Russian voluntarily or involuntarily. I have been studying for three years and all the other languages ​​I know.So we spent two and a half days and it was beautiful, we walked a lot, we saw a lot of places in Turin, this is mine hometown (hometown) I hope they will like the other cities and places they visited in Italy and The knowledge they will acquire (The acquaintance they will meet) in my country.

Me, Artem and Dima are eating Genoa Focaccia

then I wish him good luck (Good luck to them) I want to say that I am ending this episode here, even if it is a trial episode, because as I told you, I want to try this new format, and I don’t think about what to say when I speak. I think this may be an interesting format in the future, precisely because, as I told you, I really don’t like writing, and having to consider writing an episode is a psychological barrier.

Having said that, thank you for your attention and see you in the next episode, I hope this is not in 6 months.I hope Looking for greater continuity (More regular), I missed a point. Thanks to everyone who said that my podcast helped them learn Italian. I plan to produce more materials and more content, but the first step is to find a pattern. So this is what I plan to do now.

Thank you again for your attention, and see you next time. Hello there!

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